There’s nothing that excites a beauty lover more than a new range releasing that looks incredible, right?

The past few months there hadn’t been that many new releases that excited me, I’m not going to lie. A few products here and there caught my eye and gave me that warm feeling inside, but I hadn’t had that excitement in a long time… until Rihanna announced the Fenty Beauty range.

A few weeks back the Fenty Beauty site launched with just a black loading screen and from there the date, 9th September 2017 was set to be the launch of her beauty range. Of course, I couldn’t contain my excitement and counted down the days until its release.

At the end of last week there was only a short time to go until the release of the Fenty range at Harvey Nichols across the UK, in-store and online. It was finally only a short countdown until I could see the products in all their glory and then an unexpected (and very exciting) turn of events happened.

I was invited to the Fenty Beauty preview launch at Harvey Nichols!

On Friday morning I arrived in the Knightsbridge store for 7am to preview the range and try out some bits. A very early start I know, but for a beauty range like this, it had to be done.

Rihanna announced this and for the beautysphere, it was one of the biggest launches in a long time. She created the makeup range “so that women everywhere would be included”, and she sure sticks by that word as she has delivered 40 foundation shades that are universal.

The foundation comes in 4 shade categories, light, medium, tan and dark so there is something for everyone. Its formula claims to give a soft-matte finish that has easy to build coverage.

If its anything like the soft-matte primer on the skin, it will be soft and also hydrating, which I didn’t expect from a mattifying formula.

Like the foundation, the Match Stix Matte Skinsticks come in an amazing array of shades, with 20 to choose from. These are more for contouring, concealing, highlighting and correcting. Again these come in 4 shade categories for light, medium, tan and dark skin tones. Instead of the typical cream stick formula, these are more of a balmy texture and this makes them super easy to blend. These are £21.00.

Then, buy ventolin inhaler uk there are shimmer versions of the Skinsticks, also retailing for £21.00, and are designed for highlighting or adding some colour into your cheeks. Like the Matte Skinsticks, these are balmy in texture and easy to blend. The highlighting shades had me drooling straight away, and there’s everything from light opal shades to golden hues. The blush shades had me a little distant at first with all of the bright shades, but after swatching and blending out I’m in love. Even the bright orange hues blend out seamlessly and I love the finish of these.

My most favourite face product probably has to be the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo’s. With these there are 6 compacts, 4 duos and 2 singles, all of which are just so unique and beautiful.

Image with Frances Hemmant

Quite simply, I’ve never tried a formula quite like these. From the lightest swatch with a finger, you pick up so much product and it blends out like a dream. These are so pigmented but are so finely milled they almost feel quite creamy and they leave the most gorgeous glowing finish.

These highlighters cater for light to dark skin tones, my favourite and most suited duo being Mean Money/Hustla Baby – two champagne gold tones. With or without foundation on, this highlight is popping.

Everyone is going mad for Trophy Wife, the shimmering gold shade that I must try as soon as poss.

Alongside that, there has been many other gorgeous products released including blotting and brush tools and the most insane lipgloss ever. I mean it, I can’t get enough of it already.

The tools include face brushes and a nude beauty sponge, which are so soft they feel like little clouds. As well as regular brushes, the range has brought out portable brushes that you can wind up and down for hygiene and are the perfect size to pop into your handbag. The tools retail from £13.00.

I got to try a few bits, which I will be reviewing very soon so stay tuned!

You can shop it here for the UK, and here for the US.

Have you seen any bits you love in the Fenty Beauty range?

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