With the weather constantly changing and the time of the year nearing autumn, my mood has been changing more than ever. Some days I’m all raring to go and get sh*t done. The next, I’m wanting to curl up in bed and drink tea all day. It really is a constant cycle, one that I was finding it hard to get out of.

On those days I just wanna curl up in bed I have to tell myself there’s more to life than letting your mood reflect the weather outside. I’ve actually made myself excited and prepared for the darker nights to come, the pumpkin spice lattes and cosy blankets.

I think at heart I am a summer girl. I love the sunshine, the mood it makes you in and being able to throw on a dress and flip flops and head straight out of the door. I used to feel confused by those who would say ‘ooh I can’t wait for autumn, all the darker, cosy nights in’. To be totally honest, I’d think they’re a bit confused and wonder why they would happily say goodbye to summer.

Now I’m finally starting to get it. With autumn almost here in just a few weeks I’ve decided this year I’m seeing the seasonal change as a positive and taking it in my stride.

Autumn is coming and, for once, I can’t wait!

So a few days ago I sat down and wrote a list of the things I can’t wait for this coming season and the for that is 1) to get me in the mood and 2) see that there’s joy in every season.

I want to make myself more of an autumn lover. I want to love wearing big cosy knits and colder weather. Bu,t one thing I will never love is being ice-cold weather whilst you’re stuck outside. I love to snuggle up under the covers when it gets to that time though, who doesn’t?

Here are the things I am going to enjoy more this autumn…

01. Sitting under the blankets instead of sitting out in the garden. I have to admit (you may have already gathered) that I absolutely love being warm. If it’s cold outside I don’t mind as long as I’m warm inside. Whether it’s sitting in the hot sunshine or sitting under the blankets watching films, my body just adores warmth. I’m going to embrace the colder weather coming and take full advantage of my new blankets, watch Netflix and drinks lots and lots and lots of tea.

02. One thing I’m going to try and make myself enjoy is being indoors more. Some must think I’m crazy when I say I love to be outside, doing things and getting buy doxycycline hyclate 100mg fresh air. Sometimes, if I have nothing to do I often walk to town even to get a coffee or just have a little look around. Many would think I’m mad and probably much prefer sitting on the sofa binge watching Netflix. Now the autumn is coming I’m going to have to get used to the colder, more miserable weather and enjoy being indoors and snuggling up on the sofa. After all, that’s what the autumnal change is for right?

03. I never used to feel comfortable wearing big knits. A year or so ago I’d be more than happy to wear thinner, tighter clothes and just try to layer them up. More often than not I’d be freezing cold once I was out and about and really regret my decision. Now, I’m all about styling up my wardrobe and I think chunky knitwear is going to be a thing for me this year. I’ve already filled my online shopping baskets up with gorgeous bits, and chunky jumpers/jumper dresses are right up there on my wish list. Get ready for all the autumnal dressing, I’m already working out my outfits.

04. The seasonal Starbucks menu – don’t even get me started. Yes, I am one of those girls who loves a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But seriously, how could you not? The autumn and winter Starbucks menus are my favourite of all and I cannot wait to start sipping on many PSL’s, all day every day if I could.

05. I find being productive a lot easier on those cooler, greyer days. When the sunshine makes an appearance I lose all motivation to do much else other than be outside. So, the autumn months will sure bring back 100% (maybe 90% with all the blanket snuggling and tea drinking) motivation. This is a huge YES for me now that I’m going back to daily blogging.

06. Every single year I buy more and more deep lipsticks and never get round to wearing them very often. This autumn, I want to embrace them. I’m all about fresher face makeup at the minute and I hope this love continues as its easier, quicker and I feel a lot better wearing less face makeup. So, a bold lip or a bold brow is what I want to make a thing this year. I’m going to make sure when I’m heading out I try and pick a different lipstick or gloss over the standard nude. It’s a challenge I’m giving myself and I hope I succeed.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Megan ?


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