I must admit, I’m a girl who loves a minimalistic colour palette. It’s the neutral colours my eyes are drawn to in the shops. Anything black, nude, grey or white my body heads straight towards.

Not this time. This time it was all about the colour red.

I don’t know why but I just feel comfortable in neutral shades. Maybe its because I’m not a girl who likes to stand out and I love that clean finish you get from a neutral colour palette. I bet (I hope) some of you fellow neutral lovers are nodding your heads along to what I’m saying.

However, when I headed out for bank holiday weekend I just couldn’t resist wearing some brighter colours and I actually felt so good wearing it. The sunshine brings everyone’s brighter wardrobes out and I thought it’s a bit time I did the same.

Red is a colour I always adore on other people but thought it was too bright for me. After all of that waiting, I now adore it. Typical eh? I’m now on all the online shopping sites looking for red sweaters, trousers, shoes and more tops. I just can’t get enough!

This red frilly sleeve buy accutane 40 mg crop top is such an easy to wear piece with either a skirt, shorts, trousers or jeans. I love to wear this with something high-waisted, usually a skirt, as that way it doesn’t show too much skin, you feel me?

Next time I doubt myself with brighter colours, I need to take a look at this and realise there’s more to my wardrobe than neutrals

Don’t get me wrong, neutrals are still my thing and I absolutely couldn’t live without my neutral colours but there’s something about a pop of colour that I really love right now.

Red is a shade you can wear all year round to, so it’s definitely one I’ll be bringing into autumn with me.

What colour will you be transitioning into autumn with?

Megan ?


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