Covent Garden. Some would say a very busy, touristy and loud part of London. Although that is somewhat true, in the heart of Covent Garden are some real hidden gems. Some places just take you away from the hustle and bustle and reflect the calmer and romantic side of London.

Enters Le Garrick.

London is a place of great history and rich culture, but after spending so much time in the city, one of my favourite things to indulge in is the hot food it has to offer. Covent Garden is a borough of London many relate to the theatres, fancy bars and swarve restaurants and with that’s what I love. It’s a true city hotspot for all the good food, and a like Le Garrick reminds me of the good old fashion city romance.

Le Garrick is a French restaurant located in the heart of Covent Garden, just around the corner from the tube station but is far from all the noise and crowds, would you believe.

Its décor is true brasserie style – low-lit, low ceilings and intimate cove seating areas. What I’d call the perfect place to get away from the busy streets and indulge in good food and some you time. As the restaurants ambiance is very peaceful, I would definitely say this is a restaurant you can fully unwind in. The seating areas are spread around the restaurant, all hidden away from one another so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of people. I really can’t stand being squished on a table basically touching knees with other people, so this was a bit of me.

The atmosphere is definitely relaxed, somewhere you’d want to treat yourself to before the theatre or after a long day walking around London. Or, even a quiet evening to wine and dine, whatever takes your fancy.

I’ve never experienced French food quite like this. By that I mean, true French cuisine (in restaurants around me) is quite hard to come, especially from what I’ve tried before. Le Garrick is unmistakably French, from the ambiance, the décor, the waiters and of course, the menu.

As well as extensive wine list, many very sophisticated French names caught my eye, they have quite a large selection of dishes to choose from.

For starters, I went with the salade de chèvre chaud (a warm goats cheese salad), which was heaven in my mouth. The warm goats cheese lie on a bed of green leaves, rocket, tomatoes and walnuts all dressed with a gorgeous balsamic glaze. I’m not kidding when I say I fell in love. Why on earth haven’t I had warm goats cheese before? It was dreamy. You get 3 large pieces to, which of course I devoured very quickly. Ollie went with the pâté de campagne maison (a country terrine pate) that came with caramelised onions and small pickled gherkins. They served warm breads and toast with the starter to and by the silence on the table, it was quite obvious the starters went down a treat.

Onto the mains, which has to be my favourite part of the meal. I chose the filet de saumon et sa ratatouille, a beautifully grilled (and very large) fillet of salmon served with a gorgeous ratatouille in fresh tomato sauce. I wasn’t sure what portion size to expect but they are certainly very generous I have to say, as we both couldn’t quite finish.

Ollie went for the “Le Garrick” burger as I assumed he would, he loves to test out burgers and this was very different to the usual. He’d never had a French style burger before but he really did enjoy it. The burger was a spiced lamb and beef, served in a soft bun with cucumber and tomatoes that were so fresh like the salad starter. Again, a generous portion and served with skinny fries (our fave) and Ollie topped his burger with Emmental cheese, which he said was just incredible. French cheese is unbeatable, right?

As a side we went for the very traditional petit pois grand-mère as we both felt we hadn’t been quite ‘French’ enough. This is a portion of peas and was served with crispy bacon and onion and was like nothing I’d had before. How did they make peas taste so damn good?!

By this point I was pretty stuffed so I chose the trio of ice-creams for dessert (I chose 2 vanilla and 1 strawberry). I say I was stuffed but I managed to finish them, oops. Ollie got the fondant au chocolat, which was like a melting chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream. I had a little taste and my gosh, I wish I had ordered that. Warm chocolate cake, I’m craving you right now.

After a few yummy G&T’s later and very full stomachs we were two very very happy people.

Thank you so much to Le Garrick for having us, the meal was so delicious and it’s definitely a place I’d head back to again, maybe even for a pre-theatre meal and some wine. I’d say the food is very reasonably priced, especially for West End London and left us feeling FTB (full-to-the-brim).

Does French food tickle your fancy? You can find Le Garrick’s menu here and join them to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!

Megan ♥


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* This post contains a gifted meal*


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