I was walking to the gym the other day, and as you do, I had one of those five minute deep thoughts. You know those ones when a million things just hit you at once and you go into a realm of overthinking, but in a good way. It’s a time where a lot of things suddenly get put into perspective and your mind clears of confusion.

I do this a lot, walk somewhere and overthink, try to sleep and overthink, who doesn’t? But it’s those moments that I get to properly think and justify my thoughts. Overthinking isn’t all bad and let me tell you why.

On this walk, I finally came to the realisation that us Internet users put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do things we don’t necessarily need to. It’s finally hit me like a tonne of bricks that we (I certainly know I do) let others around us influence how we think, what we do and the way we do it. But, instead of preventing others (who, by the way, I don’t even know, they’re just faces on the Internet) from influencing my thoughts, I just let it happen.

Of course, it’s not all bad influences that are shared across the online world. The majority of the time I feel inspired, motivated and even free on the Internet. The Internet is a space where we, as users, can gather ideas, get creative and find out things we never thought we could.

Those people surrounding me on the web and on social media bring a lot of positive thoughts and change, but sometimes it’s those negative influences I let hit me subconsciously.

If there’s some negative energy going around on Twitter say, it’s more often than not I’ll read it and let it effect me more than it should. I can sometimes forget those things within a split second, but its negative energy can eat me up through the day and really take a toll on my emotions.

Demotivating words or comments that aren’t even towards me just get me down. So, I’ve decided to make an effort in filling up my feeds with more positivity, more content and energy that will make me smile. Because smiling is what makes the heart happy, right?

I really can’t justify why it’s taken me so long to realise that negative energy on the Internet can effect me so much. Sometimes it takes me a few days to realise that something such as a nasty comment or a negative thread is actually the reason I feel a bit down in the dumps or more often than not, demotivated.

It is in fact the online space that effects my motivation more than anything else. So by refreshing my feeds with more positive energy will certainly have a more positive impact on my motivation, which is exactly the kick up the ass I need.

So, what I’m trying to say is that if you feel the same, if you feel negative online energy is having an impact on you (whether you realise it or not) then fill you feeds with new content, new people and new ideas. It has really made a difference on the way I look at life. Seeing a few positive tweets or a happy Instagram post in the morning can change my mood for the entire day.

It’s true in saying that I shouldn’t let the Internet effect my emotions so much, but it’s a space I’m on more than I’m off so I must fill it with what will make my uplifted, right?

I’ve actually got a post coming soon on all my favourite accounts that do make me feel motivated, positive, inspired and all those good things. So, if you need some motivational content and feel you want to be taken away from the negative atmosphere, you may want to stay tuned for that.

I’m not saying it’s those people on the Internet faults, those people I let influence me, it’s not at all, its mine. I feel like this a lot of the time at the minute and this post is for those that feel the same. Let’s just let the pressure off together shall we?

Sending all the love and positive energy to you lovely lot,

Megan ♥


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