Although I love makeup, trying out new products and techniques and finding new favourites I am certainly no pro, as much as I’d like to be. So attending a Bobbi Brown Masterclass in their London Pro Studio was pretty much a dream come true.

As much makeup shopping I’ve done throughout the years, I had never actually visited a Pro Store. I used to stick to shopping in department stores and online, but I can tell you now that this experience has changed my mind. Being able to speak to specialists and having one space dedicated to one brand was really a great feeling. I found the whole makeup testing and browsing scenario stress-free to, as the store was so serene and beautifully set out. No joke, the Bobbi Brown stands are to die for. I wish I could have one of those in my room I tell ya.

At the master class we got to watch Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist and master of the flawless face, Lampros Faslis work his magic. He created the perfect Christmas party night out look with warm glowy skin, smoky eyes and a berry toned lip. Ugh, it was so beautiful.

I am oh-so glad that we were given pen and paper, and a cute little Bobbi Brown board may I add, to write down some notes. When I say some I’m totally lying, I wrote down a tonne. I think I took home over 5 pages of notes because Lampros was dishing out his greatest tricks that I just could never risk forgetting.


1. For a natural base – apply concealer first

When applying a base I feel everyone does it that little bit differently don’t they? But after watching the Bobbi Brown Pro work his magic I now understand that if you don’t want a cakey base then apply the concealer first. If you wish to conceal spots, blemishes and under eyes, if you do that first then cover the leftover areas with your foundation, you wont have one product sitting on top of one another. Instead, you’ll have a much lighter base but with everywhere still covered.

Its quite easy to just go over the top of one another and thinking you need to, but if you’re concealer conceals what you want it to then there’s no need to go over it again!


 2. Don’t apply a stick foundation from the bullet

When I’ve tried stick foundations in the past I always wondered why my face would feel so cakey and my base would feel so heavy, now I know why. I was applying it all wrong if I wanted to achieve a natural and lightweight base.

I first used a stick foundation by applying it straight from the bullet and blending with a beauty sponge. Clearly, I thought that was the only and logical way. However, Lampros used the Bobbi Brown Face Multitasking brush and dabbed it onto their Foundation Stick, and then applied to the face *amazed*.

This makeup application was closely followed by me having a face palm moment and wondered how I hadn’t thought of this before (probably the reason he’s the pro and I’m not). Applying the foundation this way makes the product lighter weight, more natural looking and means you can build it if you wish. Whereas if you apply it straight from the stick I find it becomes a full heavy weight foundation straight away and there’s no stopping it. I have to admit, this was my favourite tip from the class. I’ve been terrified ever since using my first one as it just wouldn’t blend or tone down… I


 3. Use a mix of cream and powder products

Although I have quite a normal skin type, I do suffer with oiliness and dry patches, it all just depends on my hormones. The joys of being female ay.

I do find that if I use too many liquid/cream products I can end up very greasy within a few hours. The same goes for using a lot of powder products; I can end up feeling too dry and flat after a little while. I want my makeup to last all day, not just a good few hours, ya feel me? If so, listen up.

Lampros taught us that using a mix of powder and cream products is what your skin needs to increase the longevity of your makeup, no matter your skin type. So the trick is, if you use a powder to set and a powder based bronzer, mix it up with a cream blush or vice versa, whatever you fancy. I find having an equal mix, as much as you can, leaves your base feeling and staying fresh.


 4. Prevent shadow crease the Lampros way

Now, I have a habit of using a concealer followed by a loose powder to set my eyelid and it’s annoyingly stuck for a very long time. I really thought there was no other easy way around it and it always worked for me for a fair few hours. But it usually ended up creasing if I wore lighter eyeshadows and I no idea why.

At the masterclass I was taught many magical things and one being that you don’t need any liquid or cream base to set the lid. If you’ve gone in with skincare, especially a hydrating non-oily eye cream, then just use a bone colour shadow to set the lid. This way is quick, easy and effective and I’ve found that my shadow no longer creases. I think the lighter the base the less likely it is for your shadows to cling to the liquid/cream product underneath once it seeps through the powder. Genius!


 5. Lip care is too important to miss

I must admit, I don’t look after my lips enough and I really should in this colder weather. I wouldn’t say that I suffer with dry lips very often *touch wood*, but when I do my god does it hurt. So to prevent that I really need to up my lip care game, don’t I?

In the class the importance of lip care was highlighted just as much as skincare was. Whether you’re going for a minimal glossy lip or for full matte, applying a balm before your makeup gives your lips the hydration they need. This is a tip I’ve been using since and it makes the world of difference in both softness and helping my lip products last that bit longer.

And with those tips in mind, here is the look Lampros created. A beautiful warm toned festive party look with the most flawless base. I know, isn’t it beautiful?

If you want to know how to recreate the look stay tuned as I will be posting a step by step tutorial of me recreating it for myself for a Christmas party look. Let’s just hope my hands can work half the magic Lampros’ can.

Thank you so much to Bobbi Brown for having me, I sure learnt a LOT!

Which tips will you be taking away with you?



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