Oh hello there, we meet again. I am back with another post *mini squeal* as I finally feel like I’m getting my mojo back.

Getting my laptop out of its case no longer feels like an effort as many ideas are whizzing around in my head. A feeling I haven’t had in a while and if I’m honest, I’ve really missed it.

Writing is my creative outlet and not being very inspired lately has really had a strain on my mood. I feel I need to write and create more often than not to feel myself and I’m starting to gain that feeling back so hurrah, yay, let’s go!

Today’s post is a fashion one, a personal one and one I’ve had in mind for a while.

Let’s begin with saying that I’m no fashion guru. I would never see myself as a style inspiration (as much as I’d love to be) but I have recently come to the realisation that I *think* I’ve finally found my style.

Before starting a blog as well as during the first year of Life With MCM, I thought beauty talk was all I could manage. Buying and trying new makeup and skincare on a regular basis was my thing and I love sharing my ideas and thoughts on products, the latest trends and all that beauty goodness. However, a little while ago I decided to kick-start the ‘fashion’ section on my blog hoping to find my style. I had the idea that writing about fashion would make me fall more in love with it and also help me experiment more, and it’s done exactly that.

When I say ‘I’ve found my style’ I don’t only mean one look, one impression, I mean I’ve found out what suits me, what I want to experiment with and also what pieces I want in my wardrobe.

I’ve mentioned before about being stuck in a rut with the same cycle of clothes. I never used to try new things and would always find myself buying the same old tops and jeans from the same old stores and nothing else. In the end it got really boring and I never thought I could be into fashion as much as I’d always wanted to be.

So, when I started this new section on my blog it meant I needed inspiration. Of course, I headed straight for Instagram and Pinterest and questioned why others would look so damn great in their clothes and had such confidence when wearing them. One day it dawned upon me that these people wear what the heck they want. They wear their clothes with confidence and passion, and that’s because they think about their style and what they want their style to be. It was clear that in order to find your style, it was important to have a bit of trial and error in your life.

For years I thought the only way to put an outfit together was to copy others and just buy the most basic things on the rails. I’d never dare myself to try something new, that idea was just horrifying to me.

Since I’ve experimented more, tried things I’d never think to in a million years and listened to my own style thoughts, I’ve started to feel happier in my clothes. I now know what I want and how I want to style it, instead of just copying what I see online and what I think is ‘right’.

More recently it dawned on me that various fashion brands have subconsciously spoke to me and told me to go out of my comfort zone. I found myself going into different shops, seeing new items and putting potential outfits together in my head.

After visiting the Nasty Gal Pop Up on Carnaby Street and was surrounded by clothes I envied but never thought I could pull off, I had a sudden realisation that I can wear those things if I really want to. It’s not a crime to wear what we want, and whatever you feel great in is what you should be wearing – even if it is a little different than what you’re used to or feel accustomed to wear.

I think online platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, can make us think we have to dress a certain way, dress like others and copy others style, when in fact these platforms are there to inspire – if you let them.

Now, when I go online I never think ‘I want to be that person, I need to wear what they are’. I go online, search for fashion inspiration in order to inspire my own wardrobe. Not to copy, to inspire.

Seriously, try that wacky jumper, those unusual trousers or those cute shoes – if it makes you feel good, feel confident, feel you then you’ve found your style.

The only person that can wear your style is you, right?

Megan ♥



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