A year on from January 1st 2017, what’s changed, happened or new you might ask? Well let me tell you.

A yearly roundup post wasn’t something I was planning on doing but throughout December I had a lot of time to reflect, relax and enjoy and it made me realise that posts like these are really quite heartwarming to look back on. Don’t you think?

I’ve been obsessing over the Instagram roundups through images and small quotes and I just wanted to share a short sweet post of what 2017 bought for me and what I expect of 2018 so far.

NO. 1

So, 2017 was way way up there as a magical year for me. It was the year I graduated, which is something I may never get to experience again. I finished my degree with an upper 2:1 that I worked extremely hard for and my graduation day was one of the best days ever. It was a real pinch me moment and something I constantly look back on and feel proud of myself for.

University taught me a lot and if it hadn’t been for that experience and how it helped me grow as a person, I probably would’ve never had the confidence to start my blog. The experience and guidance my degree gave me whilst studying in London is the second greatest thing I’ve taken from University, after my actual degree of course. You can read more about my experience and how it shaped me here.

This year I hope to use my experience to find a job I love, one I’m passionate for. When I was younger I was very naive to think that in my early 20’s I’d be in a job I see as my future career. I expected to know what I want and I’m far from it and that’s okay. 2018 is a year I hope to reflect and move into this new chapter and I’m very excited about it.

However, I am leaving the ‘must get a full time job just to save money’ attitude in 2017 and find a path I am passionate for. Life is too short to be unhappy and filled with things that don’t inspire or motivate you.

This then leads me on to how I’m going to take things in 2018, and that’s with a pinch of salt. I aim not to be too serious, to relax more and take more time to think about what I want. I need to focus on myself more and that’s exactly what I’ll do. A few moments in 2017 I saw that I wasn’t the happiest I could be and I really want to change that. 2018 is a new chapter. I don’t believe in new year, new me but I do believe in setting myself small goals each month to ensure I’m heading in the right direction.

NO. 2

Speaking of passions and doing things for me, late last year I found a love for fashion and I’ve translated that love onto my blog and Instagram and it’s something I want to continue and share more of in 2018. After uploading the odd fashion photo now and again and writing up a few blog posts it got me thinking that this is something I want to pursue.

I’m not exactly an icon and I certainly don’t see myself as an inspiration, but the lovely comments and how fashion makes me feel is amazing. So 2018, get ready for lots more fashion content.

NO. 3

On the topic of passions once again is travel. Finding new places to explore and visit is something I’ve grown a love for over the past few years but 2017 saw more adventures that let me see the world in a whole other light. I visited new continents and adventured on trips I never thought I would.

February 2017 was my first ever trip to America. I visited New York as a late 21st birthday celebration and it snowed like a heck of a lot. It truly was like something out of a storybook and I couldn’t be more thankful. 2017 was also my first trip to the Caribbean. In the summer we went to the Dominican Republic just after I finished my degree and just before I graduated. To say I relaxed and completely lost my mind in paradise would be an understatement. We explored the jungle, trekked and rode elephants. We soaked up the sunshine whilst drinking cocktails on the beach. We had late night dinners, watched films on the beach, drank wine and forgot the rest of the world. If only life could always be that way ay?

In December for my birthday we took a trip to Paris, which is my second time in the beautiful city. We walked lots, drinks lots, ate a tonne and lost ourselves in its beauty and it was one of those trips I could do again and again. Parisian Style, places to see, the food and wine is just too good to resist. Paris, I hope to see you again v soon.

Seriously, how will 2018 beat these trips?! We shall soon see. I have my hopes set high as I save for travelling and find new magical places.

As well as city breaks and holidays, I really want to see more of England in 2018. I feel like I haven’t explored it enough and I know there are so many beautiful places to visit, thanks to Instagram.

Last year I went back to Brighton and Norwich, probably my two favourite cities in England I’ve explored so far. I’ve visited each a few times now and each time I go back I discover more and more.

For 2018 Scotland, Bath and Oxford are way up on my list and please leave below any places you recommend to visit, I wanna get exploring.

NO. 4

Although my blog has been in existence for much longer than just the year 2017, I think last year was the best for it yet.

As well as working with some incredible brands I never in a million years thought I would, I’ve met some amazing people. In January I was kindly invited to Scarlett London’s Go Glam Gala where I met some girls that I call my best friends today, and who knew that would’ve come from setting up my blog?

It has given me so much joy, love and fun throughout 2017 I am too excited to see what’s in store for this year.

2017 started off quite similar to how the year of 2016 did in the sense that I was still in University, stressed but not (if you get me – i.e. just stressed about the mountain of essays I needed to get through) with an inkling of what to expect from the majority of my time. I knew what to expect in terms of how my time will be filled, but 2018 is quite different. I’ve graduated from University, which is one of my biggest highlights of 2017, and I’m ready to take the next big step in my journey. A job, travelling, other commitments, I’m not quite sure yet and that’s what 2018 is all about for me, finding myself even more than I have already and making it more about my ambitions, future and goals.

What are you looking forward to this year?



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