Something that I’m really enjoying at the moment is putting outfits together. Actually taking your time to plan an outfit before wearing it always makes the outfit feel that bit more special. Don’t you think?

If you’ve tried it on, really liked it and made a few changes to make it perfect, it’s always quite an exciting feeling when you get to where it for the event or day out you’ve got planned.

I purchased this pinafore dress from Topshop on a whim, as I really didn’t think it would suit me. When it arrived I just knew something was missing and that’s where the white roll neck came into play. After scouring Pinterest and Instagram I found some outfit inspiration and pick this one up from Pretty Little Thing and it worked perfectly. It gave that really Blair Waldorf (‘pristine and proper’) edge to the look and it made the outfit way more suitable for these freezing temperatures.

What I love about this dress is that it is so versatile and you could really wear anything underneath it. Next, (and for a cold, wet and windy day) I want to try it with a black knitted roll neck and tights with black OTK boots. I think that would look so cosy and cute.

An outfit for me is never complete without accessories – is anyone else the same? I’m a handbag and shoe kinda girl and my obsession is getting on the verge of being fairly dangerous. I can’t go into a clothes shop without heading straight for the bags and shoes first, I just can’t help myself!




DRESS – Topshop 

BAG – Radley London

BOOTS – InTheStyle

The crème da le crème of this outfit has to be the bag really doesn’t it. After getting dressed and umming and ahhing for a good half hour or so, I picked out the latest edition to my bag collection and it just seemed to give me that sigh of relief. The one I went for is the Bow Lane Bag by Radley London, aka the perfect bag for a day out, weekend away, a shopping trip, as it holds all of your essentials. A versatile bag for a versatile outfit – perfecto.

The Bow Lane bag is a medium-sized handbag but the size is really quite deceiving, let me tell you why. When it arrived and I started putting stuff inside I’m not going to lie, I was a bit concerned about the space. I put in my purse, a few makeup bits and I couldn’t seem to fit in my compact camera or much else like I hoped I could. Then, my brain started to function and realised that the zips unzip all the way down to the bottom of the bag, allowing you to pack the bag and then zip it up, securing all your essentials inside. This allows the bag to fully open out and I was amazed at how much space was inside. Eventually I got there, and I could fit everything I needed to and more. I was just having a moment and the bag really won me over.

When I say this bag is versatile, it really really is. You can wear it with so many outfits, so many colours (I think the berry colour works so well with pink to!), and it comes with a long and short strap. I personally prefer to use the shorter handles as I think it looks so effortless and chic held on your arm or held down by your side. It also adds to that ‘pristine and proper’ Blair Waldorf look I mentioned earlier.

I just adore this bag and can’t stop using it! It works so well with many looks so I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again soon.

The Bow Lane bag comes in two colours, Black and Berry. Shop it here.

What’s your ‘can’t live without’ accessory?


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