Wake up and smell the coffee. Hello 2018, January and oh yes, getting back to reality.

With Christmas and New Year (very sadly) out of the way and the second week of January already here it’s about time to properly get back to reality.

The time in between Christmas and New Year was just a bit of a blur and really didn’t make much sense. I never knew what day it was and it was kind of a nice feeling once January 1st hit and everybody wanted to get back to it.

For me, the first few days of 2018 were spent curled up on the sofa, watching copious amounts of Friends with a sore back and a cold but all is good now and I’m so ready to get back to reality.

I’m not a believer of ‘new year, new me’ and the fresh start craze, I never have been, but I do always feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders when a new year begins and feel more motivated than I was throughout the Christmassy months. Those weeks leading up to the festive season is probably my favourite time of the year, however, my motivation does always seem to get lost. But, luckily I’ve found it again and now is the time to get back to it, right?

This year isn’t a similar story to previous chapters in my life. 2017 began the same as 2016 and 2015, as I was at University, commuting to London and working the same part-time job. For now, this year is about a whole new chapter of my life and that realisation is what woke me up a little and got me into this motivated January mind-set I’m currently in.

2018 is (fingers crossed) about new beginnings, a brand new chapter in my life. Whether that be a new job, travelling, I’m not quite sure yet but getting back my mojo has got thinking about what I really want from this year. I’m talking more the little things in life, as I’m not 100% sure where my job/travel search is heading at this moment in time. It’s those little steps that will lead to bigger things, I hope. Here are the little steps I’m taking this year to hopefully lead me to those bigger steps…

1. More trips | Travelling is the one thing I can manage to save for. If I have a trip in mind I want to go on, I will do everything I can to not be silly with my money and try and make it happen. I’m definitely more of a person that would rather spend money on memories than on items and that’s something I will continue if I want to explore more of the world.

So far this year my plans are Stockholm and Budapest, two cities I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time. I also have plans to visit more of England, with a few places already in mind. This year is the year of exploring, which I hope will open my mind a bit more and maybe even bring new opportunities and an understanding of where I want my future to head.

Going on trips is definitely one of those things that gets me thinking about what I want. When I feel free, that’s when I let my mind do a thing of its own and help me find myself a bit more.

2. Taking more me time – At the end of last year I started to find more me time but that was quickly diminished by the time the festive season came around. I kinda forgot everything I was doing, but that happens doesn’t it?

This year I want to get that back and do more things for me, things that make me feel good. One of those things is definitely getting back into yoga. I started a new yoga class once a week and my god did it make me feel amazing. Fitness isn’t something I do just for my body, but also for my head to. I started fitness yoga and I think that’s what I’ll continue with, until I feel ready to incorporate more classes into my week (if and when they will fit). I think exercise is the one thing that makes me feel like I’m getting my ‘me time’, so more of that and definetly more yoga is coming this year.

Another thing I want to do to make sure I get more me time is actually set myself some down time. There were many evenings last year I’d make myself busy and never thought far enough ahead as to when I’d get to chill. 4 out of the 5 weekday evenings I’d put something into my diary and wonder why I didn’t feel I got an evening to myself. So this year I’m making sure I schedule in more evening down time because otherwise when else can a pamper or two happen?

This then takes me onto my next point.

3. Being more relaxed | Last year was a stressful part of my life with writing my dissertation and finishing University. However, this stress made me realise that I needed to relax a bit more. I want to be that person who is freer with my time and says yes to more things.

So this year, I’m making an effort to say yes before I say no to things. I want to try more opportunities and adventures without telling myself I can’t do it, because you just never know until you try.

4. Getting more independence | As much as University seems like an independent step in life, nobody prepares you for the amount of independence once its over. Like any new and big chapter in your life, you’re kind of thrown in at the deep end but I’m okay with that. Independence is an important trait in life and I’m growing to want more of it.

I like finding out things for myself, doing things for and by myself and I’m happy to be that person. As a teenager I never wanted independence at all and now I guess I’m over that and want more individuality in my life. Independence is quite freeing and more freedom sounds like a dream doesn’t it.

“Freedom: To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.”

5. Finding out what I want from blogging | My little blog has been in existence for just over 2 years now and it’s got to the point where I can’t imagine my life without it.

This year I want to decide where I want my blog to go, on realistic terms. Right now I know I’d love to take it on full-time, but that’s a question of manageability and also reliability. So for the next few months I want to take it upon myself to work even harder, create content and hope for it to pay off.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts regarding what I expect or want to happen this year, I really want to make my passions become a reality and will this be it? Only time will tell.

One thing I know for sure is that if it happens, 2018 will be a very very good year indeed.

What little steps are you expecting to take this year?



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