Glossier, aka. one of the most popular beauty brands in the community for the past couple of months? The brand who had a huge (to say the least) hit with the nation when it launched its UK site late last year? The brand every single person seems to rave about? Yes, that brand. I only recently tried some products and I know, I know, I’m a little late to the scene. Am I beating myself up about that fact? Let me tell you.

Glossier are a brand that blew up in the beauty-sphere when it launched its first UK site last year and at first I didn’t really want to jump on the hype. Little did I know how much I’d love the products otherwise… I would’ve been the first to jump right on that bandwagon.

Thinking back to early 2017, I used to be a beauty hoarder. Don’t get me wrong, I still can be at times, but it got to a point where I had nowhere to store what I was purchasing and I realised I only had one face to use all of these products. So, when Glossier was everywhere – all over Instagram, blogs, magazines and whatnot I tried my hardest to hold back and tell myself I didn’t need anything. Then, I made an order and now it’s a brand I’m so glad I bought into. It’s affordable but amazing quality, aesthetically pleasing and like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

Let’s begin with the one product I wish embraced my life sooner.

Balm Dotcom

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom was the one product I saw everyone raving about and at first I really didn’t understand what it was. I still didn’t when I made the purchase. Now, I so get it.

The Balm Dotcom is a universal skin salve that you can use on your lips or skin to hydrate and repair dry or chapped skin. It has a very dense waxy texture that I was a bit iffy about at first but after a few uses I totally understand why it’s so thick. The waxy balm stays in place no matter where you put it, in order to work its magic and repair your skins needs. I use this most on my lips, but have also used it on my elbows and knees when they’re feeling a bit dry and this works wonders.

It makes my lips feel incredibly soft and also gives a super juicy finish. As it’s a balm its not sticky at all and actually lasts a heck of a long time. So if you’re not into glosses, lip products or simply cba to wear anything else, this is your answer.

This comes in five flavours and one original, non-scented flavour. The five mood-enhancing flavours include – cherry, birthday, rose, mint and coconut. Next time I’m definitely trying coconut as I bet it smells dreamy.

Priming Moisturizer

When looking for a primer I always look for something that will give me that ‘your skin but better’ look. That is exactly what I get with this.

I don’t wear foundation anymore, I hardly wear concealer on a day-to-day basis so a primer is my ultimate go to and best friend.

The Glossier Priming Moisturizer is one of those products that brings out the best in your skin and leaves you with a glowing that is ready for a day with or without makeup. I love to use this straight after my skincare routine as it plumps my skin and makes it feel more awake without much effort at all.

Its lightweight creamy texture allows your skin to breathe whilst it evens out your skin tone, any blemishes and redness to leave you with a smooth, dewy base. I really love Glossier’s ‘dewy finish’ motto as I’m all about that natural glow.

This can be used as a primer or a daily face moisturizer as it contains five key ingredients to help your skin as well as prep it for makeup. These include Hyaluronic Acid (to plump), Mushroom Super Hydrator (adds moisture), Anti-Redness Complex (reduces redness and calms), Oxygenating Agent (supplies stressed cells with oxygen) and an Antioxidant Blend (three vitamins to protect the skin). All this science just blows my mind, anyone else?

Super Glow

My first ever skincare routine consisted of a lot of vitamin C products and since, my skin has craved that energising vitamin. As I was running low on my vitamin C products and had become admittedly lazy with them, I knew the Super Glow serum was what my skin needed.

As I say, I am all about the natural dewy look and that is exactly what this product gives. When my skin feels tired and dull I know that I can rely on this, even after those sleepless nights after scrolling my phone at silly hours of the night.

Overtime (I’d say it took about 2-3 weeks to notice), the Super Glow brightens your skin, evens out skin tone and creates a ‘lit-from-within’ complexion that lasts and lasts, as long as you stick to using it.

I use it every morning, when I remember to, and this has kept my skin feeling and looking brighter and more awake. Although its classed as a serum, it has a very watery texture, which means you need a minimal amount as it spreads so easily and absorbs into the skin leaving no residue. I’m now yet to try the other two sisters of The Supers squad – a pact of three super concentrated serums that work to strengthen your skin and attend to its needs.

Glossier, it’s time to try some more. Shop the range here.

Has anyone got any recommendations I have to try asap?



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