When I go away I actually never plan my outfits. I know, shock horror. I usually put all of my favourites clothes in a suitcase, a couple of extras (just in case my plan goes wrong), and hope for the best. I don’t wear something completely different everyday, I’m sure many of you are the same. I have a few select bits I like to switch around with other favourite bits. For instance, I have a select few jumpers and tops that will work well with trousers, jeans and a skirt.

Nonetheless, I manage to over pack every time I go away and I seriously don’t know how it happens. I blame the beauty bits and the shoes.

As I’ve got older, I like to purchase more staple pieces that I know will work with many other things. That’s just how I like to go about my wardrobe and also my travel outfits. Call me crazy, but it’s not gone wrong (yet!).

Whilst packing for Paris, like I do most trips, I think more carefully about the shoes I’m taking and I think for this trip, it worked really well. I like to take as many as I can just in case and in fact I did indeed over pack on the shoe department. That happens all the time for me though so it wasn’t a surprise.

I ended up liking each of my outfits and for the 3 days I was there, here is what I pieced together. Weather appropriate and all (I did pretty good I must say).

Day One

Day one, of course, started with travelling and I wore the outfit below but with my Adidas Three Stripe Black leggings for comfort. I can’t travel without them now they’re just too comfy.

After arriving at the hotel and being a bit too early for check-in, I decided to change and put on a bit of makeup. The 4am start really wasn’t calling for applying makeup. Rolling out of bed and putting on my clothes was enough.

Knowing I was going to be doing a lot of walking as we arrived just before midday, I opted for jeans over trousers and kept my trainers on. It’s fairly chilly in Paris during December so jeans are a good option, as was my jacket.

I’m growing a small collection of these slim mom jeans as they work well with so many outfits. They’re the type you just throw on and think yeah, I’m good to go. I have my eye on a black pair next. These paired with a long sleeve jumper, my trainers and my cropped faux fur jacket were my outfit of the day. Oh yeah, and a few little bits of jewellery to add a ‘trying to make an effort’ effect, which worked kinda well I hope.


JumperPretty Little Thing



Earrings (similar)Missguided

Day Two

The second day I knew I wanted to make a bit more effort, especially in the shoe department.

We left for Paris the day after my birthday and I was treated to these gorgeous boots that I can’t get enough of. I sure get a few stares in them but I take that as good measure.

Although we walked a lot on day two (26,000 steps to be precise), these boots were surprisingly comfortable. I totally forgot I was wearing them until we stopped. They honestly felt like I was wearing trainers, I’d maybe goes as far to say slippers they were that comfy. Its not everyday you find a pair of pretty, affordable boots that are actually comfortable is it?

Day two I felt kinda chic, minimalist, feminine and Parisian all at once. This outfit is for sure going to be repeated… many times.




BootsPublic Desire



GlovesOliver Bonas

Day Three

The final day of a trip I always make sure I’ve got an outfit I feel good in as well as comfortable because I always try to pack in as much as possible. I never want to miss anything and in case I need to hurry – as I’ve spent too much time wandering and less time getting ready to leave – I always wear trainers.

I decided to pack two pairs of jeans and thankfully I did, as my outfit would’ve looked very similar to day one.

So with the last day being about feeling good I opted for my favourite jeans and shoes and my new green glittery cropped jumper. The jumper is again one of those pieces I can pair with so many things, I may have to get the other colour.


Green JumperMissguided




Bag (similar)Zara

There you have it, my three Parisian daytime outfits. Although I don’t pack like most, I always manage to enjoy my outfits and I definetly did this trip.

For city breaks I always pack something for comfort, something chic and always something a bit fun. Those boots are seriously a new favourite pair in my wardrobe.

What is your go to city break outfit?



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