When it comes to fashion tips or advice, I wouldn’t say I’m a guru. In fact, I don’t think many people are in truth.

Style is not only personal, but a way to differ yourself from everyone else, be unique and more importantly, be you.

Fashion is a way to express yourself. So for the most part, this post isn’t to tell you what to wear but just how I personally like to style a particular garment and I hope anyone who likes how I wear it will take inspiration from that.

I admire people’s fashion and style not to copy but to inspire myself. I love to look at others clothes and then style what I have accordingly if I like the way they style a top or a pair of shoes for instance. Not to copy, but inspire.

This post is all about my favourite coat of the season and most probably, ever. A big statement I know but if you hate the cold like me, you’ll understand why wearing a coat that feels like a big thick duvet is the best thing known to man.

I’ve never looked at a cropped coat and thought to myself, ‘cor yeah, that looks warm’ or ‘hmm I’d choose that over others to keep me warm’. But, little did I know that this would be the warmest coat I’d ever owned.

I can’t lie to you, I’m a real wuss when its cold. The wind and icy temperatures aren’t something I’d say I like at all, I never have. So a good item of clothing to keep me warm is a must and even better if it’s gorgeous, right?

A few months back I purchased this little beauty on a whim from the Black Friday Missguided sales and got an amazing 50% off. Yet again, little did I realise how much of a steal that would be. Now it’s a matter of months on and I’m still wearing it (like, every day I’d say – don’t tell the fashion police on me). I also didn’t think I’d get much wear out of it as it’s navy, but my goodness it goes with pretty much anything.

I wear a lot of cropped tops and jumpers, even during the winter. I know some would say I’m mad but I wear high waisted jeans so I don’t have skin showing if you get me. So, this coat works a treat.

My favourite way to wear this would be how I’ve styled it here, and is actually how I style it 90% of the time – with high waisted jeans or trousers. The way the coat sits is just perfect for high waisted bottoms as they meet perfectly in the middle and that means no skin is on show. Stylish, warm and cosy – just how I like it.

Other ways I style the cropped coat, like this, would be with a high waisted A-line skirt for a funny girly look. Or I would wear it over a dress like I have for evenings out. The dress option is really for those effortless chic classy looks, which I wish I rocked more often.

What’s been your go to style of coat this season?


Coat – Missguided
Jeans – ASOS
Top – Missguided
Boots – In The Style
Bag – Zara (similar)
Earrings – New Look



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