‘The power of the Internet’ is a phrase used by many but dismissed by the majority. There are so many of us that are suckers for being Internet obsessed and that’s where this phrase comes from. It has power over its users and is something I feel so passionate about, I even wrote my dissertation on it.

Now that 2018 is here, I feel so differently about the online world, let me tell you why.

Last year the Instagram algorithm got its own way and tore down people’s motivation and love for the platform. This issue with the platform is actually what has brought me here, to my laptop, to talk about how I feel about the online space in late 2017 and how I’m changing my thoughts this year.

I would say that last year when the social media platform had a moment and changed its algorithm, I fell out of love with it. Although I’m still active and still call it my favourite social platform, it still doesn’t change how unmotivated and uninspired it did make me feel. I could say it’s a good thing that it happened for the matter of me spending less time on it and therefore less time on my phone. But as a matter of fact, it’s just a bad thing all around.

When a platform makes changes it usually keeps up to date with its users and their wants and needs, but not this time around, not for Instagram. Instead, it decided to do the complete opposite of that. The platform changed and went to shit, as did my love and motivation for the online space as a whole.

At the end of last year instead of feeling the Internet had power over me I felt a brick tonne of pressure instead. I no longer felt that I wanted to be on my phone for pleasure. To scroll people’s feeds and find inspiration for god knows how many hours on end. Instead, I felt some kind of pressure to keep up and be the best that I can. This year, I’m hoping to get rid of that feeling and find the love again, regardless of Instagram’s very crappy behaviour.

Instagram was the platform that drove me to want and do more. I found it so much fun to create content, upload and share the love. Now the latter part (sharing the love) is pretty much seen as ‘non-existent’ as posts are no longer in order and are no longer getting seen as much as they should. That, is what made me lose my motivation, passion and love for the Internet as Instagram was 75% the reason behind why I was so inspired to create and grow my blog.

I have seen so many on Twitter and Facebook say the same as I’ve said above, maybe not in as much detail but it goes to show how much its put people down. Especially for those that either use their account as a career or want to grow. Basically, for content creators, Instagram messed up big time. And not so long ago I let it get me down, but I’ve decided to change my tune. Only I can be the one to decide to continue and find the passion I once I had. I find creating and uploading content so much fun, and that’s why I want to continue.

From now I am going to upload more regularly and post when and what I want, you can hold me to this as its here in writing. I hope so many of you that have took your time to read this and felt the same will be inspired to get back to it and post because you want to, not because you feel you need to.

I also spent a lot of last year trying to perfect every shot, the best I could, and that was because I felt I had to. The pressure of the Internet really can do weird things, even to the point of just taking a simple picture.

2018 will be spent enjoying my content more and uploading more of what inspires me. I hope to diverse into different photography styles and motivate myself more by making it a fun challenge. I’m not going to beat myself up if a photo doesn’t hit a certain amount of likes and I’ll certainly be having more of my personal style come through in my pictures.

I’m really excited to get back to it and enjoy myself again.

Oh and Instagram, please don’t do anything else stupid in 2018.


You can check my Instagram here, and please leave your links below. I’ll be sharing lots and lots more love than ever.



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