“I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.”

Britt Ekland

I don’t usually start off with a quote, but this one felt necessary.

Today’s post is all about what I keep in my handbag, and I’m talking my everyday handbag that is always ready to grab and go when I need to.

I confess, I’m a handbag hoarder and I won’t and never plan to stop hoarding them, but there is always one that is somewhere in the house ready to go and it pretty much always contains the same contents.

Whether the bag of choice is small or big, I always keep the same bits, even if it does mean it’s overflowing. Unnecessary handbag items are exist but are always necessary, if you get what I mean. Nobody can ever carry just the one pack of gum or lip product, right?

Right now my handbag of choice is this cute little shoulder bag/’clutch’ from Topshop. I say clutch in inverted commas as that’s what its called on the website and can be worn that way if you tuck the chain strap in, but I typically wear it as a shoulder bag. Very handy if you want to take it on a night out though I tell you. A multi-tasking product is always a winner in my eyes.

Anyway, back to the bag, the contents and why you’re clearly here and want to know about, hence the title of this post.

I bought this bag on a whim and was really one of those want but not need purchases, like most of mine. However, its turned out a handy and necessary buy in the end as it gets used a lot and adds a bit of something to every outfit. Although it’s fairly small it fits a lot inside, as you’ll soon see.

Gucci French Flap Wallet | Where I keep my cards, cash and whatnot

What’s a handbag without a purse eh? Of course, everyone carries some kind of money or cardholder in their bag and I recently went for it and treated myself to my first ever designer purse.

I went for a flap wallet, the Gucci one I just couldn’t resist, in a black-grained leather. The wallet style is essential for me as it’s smaller and I don’t carry a lot of cash, and I find it more sophisticated and effortless than the larger sized purses. As you can tell I like a smaller day-to-day bag, so a smaller wallet style purse is perfect. You can fit notes, some change and plenty of cards. The perfect size and its oh so pretty.

If I don’t carry this I tend to carry a smaller cardholder to keep my cards all in one place.

My Phone | Well, of course

My phone comes with me everywhere, obviously. Sad to admit it, but my phone is pretty much my life. I use it for my on the go calendar, my music, photos, notes, social media. I mean, if I left it at home I would be pretty lost.

I like to keep this inside my bag if I can, so the bags I have are mostly big enough to fit my phone, purse and a few other bits.

Dior ‘Dior Addict’ Lip Plumper Gloss | The ‘no makeup but fuller juicy’ lips necessity

It’s more often than not that I wear minimal makeup nowadays, so to have something to make me feel like I’ve made an effort is a winner. The Dior Lip Plumper is a clear gloss that makes your lips appear fuller, plumper but natural with a very pretty high shine.

This is pretty on its own or on top of a lip liner, and is so easy to pop on within seconds. It’s long lasting to so a definite handbag essential for those days you’re out for a long time and only want to take one thing.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb | When my lips need a bit of colour and sass

My favourite lip product of the year has to go to the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. This is not only a beautifully formulated gloss, it’s a gorgeous colour, works well with any makeup look and isn’t sticky like many others I’ve tried. It’s a bronze shade with subtle hints of glitter throughout it, which adds a beautiful glossy shine as well as some dimension and sparkle. It is so pretty. I usually pair it with my MAC Whirl Lip Liner.

I bring this with me everywhere. On trips, to town, for a day out, it’s always with me. It’s a fairly small sized gloss to, so it fits in any handbag and also in those smaller pockets you never know what to do with.

Ted Baker Compact Mirror | For those moments I get something in my eye

No word of a lie, I only really use my mirror for these moments. I get something in my eye A LOT. It can be a brow hair, eyelash, bit of something or other, it happens more than once whilst I’m out. There aren’t mirrors everywhere and it’s not always cool going to use a car wing mirror and finding out there’s someone in the car – yes, it’s happened to me. A mirror is a necessity and I always kick myself if I forget it.

This little beauty came with a set I received for Christmas and I’m in love!

Spearmint Gum | A necessity for hunger, bad breath moments and boredom

This is one of those things I can’t leave the house without and if I do, I head straight for the closest shop to get some. My favourite is the Extra Spearmint gum, for those wondering. Oh yes and it has to be spearmint because that’s just the best flavour, right?

There’s nothing worse than being out and either hungry or just eaten and you don’t have anything minty to chew. It’s even better to have some sweets in your bag right? But my essential is gum and is something I always carry with me. A boring but very necessary item.

And that’s all folks. That is everything I carry, which is only a few bits I know, but very necessary bits at that. I can’t stand an overflowing bag. I used to have an overflowing bag that then lead to an unorganised life, and we don’t want that happening again do we?

Other things I sometimes carry but not often are a spare pair of earrings (for those days I’m feeling indecisive), a roller ball perfume (Armani’s Si or Miss Dior are my go to’s) and a mini mascara if I’m staying out all day and have evening plans.

What are your handbag essentials?


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