A product I never ever thought to use until the day my dear little nan said it was her favourite and showed me how to use it was blusher. I only started wearing it a couple of years ago and before that I would steer well clear. Why? I always thought I’d end up looking like I’d run a million miles or like a little china doll – neither is that cute lets face it. Eventually, my nan taught me better and now I have a whole collection of them.

Lately I’ve noticed I’ve used none other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio and I really need to talk to you about it. Why? Because its brilliant of course and I honestly haven’t found a blush so perfect in all my time trying them.

In my collection I’d say I have about 20 blushers, some of which never see daylight (that reminds me, I seriously need to do another sort out) and some I just can’t agree are the best I’ve tried. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, once I find a product I love I’ll use it religiously until I find one better, and that’s just how it is with this one.

The reason why I recommend this to everyone reading this post is because the ABH Blush Trio’s are fit for everyone and skin tone. There are 5 different shades for light, medium and dark skin (and those in between). I have fairly tanned skin, maybe just below medium and I have the shade Berry Adore. Each palette comes with 3 colours, all with different finishes and undertones. Mine has one matte and two satin, which is the perfect mix as I love dewy skin but on the days my skin is a tad too oily to get away with all the dewy products I possibly can, I go for just the matte shade.

Let’s talk about the shades in Berry Adore shall we?

From left to right

Velvet – a matte deep mulberry wine (so pretty in winter I’ve found)
Exotic – a satin sparkling pomegranate (the perfect everyday shade for me)
Desert – a satin spicy coral (this is one is so pretty for no makeup days)

These blushes are full of pigment and a little goes a heck of a long way. I literally dab my brush into the powder of choice and I’ve got all the product I need.

Sometimes I go with all 3 shades and dab my brush in each one ever so slightly to get a natural flushed glow. The blushes product description does say to layer up shades to achieve a multi-dimensional finish. I find when I build up different shades it really does bring my skin to life and adds luminosity even if I layer the matte finish on top.

As they’re full pigment you can go for natural and light glam or build it up and go all out with full glam.

My preference it to go in light with the blush as I find it gives a naturally flushed finish, you know like that ‘been out in the cold for a few hours’ look that I find is super flattering this time of year.

No matter the finish of the blush shade I choose, they each seem to have seamless finishes on the skin. They appear so effortless and natural, even the deepest mulberry shade that I was terrified of at first.

This palette has really transformed the way I use blush as it’s allowed me to experiment with shades I’d never normally pick out. Its also super handy having three shades in one place as for someone like me, it means I will change up my makeup look each time I use it as I can go for a different mix of shades.

For the price you get three gorgeous shades that will suit your skin tone, in a beautifully packaged case that comes with a large mirror inside, its nice and compact and a little product goes a long way. Although I use this pretty much everyday right now, I can tell this is going to last me a very very long time.

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What blusher is your all time favourite?

Photography by Sarah Ellen Treacher (@sarahellen_photography / @ohitssare)



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