Growing my love for beauty products over the past few years or so has really got me into a mind-set for wanting the best for my skin. When I started out with makeup especially, I never really knew what worked for me and what didn’t. The same goes with skincare to. I used to buy beauty products just for the sake of others having them. I used to splurge on products I didn’t actually look into and then ended up leaving them to sit and look pretty on the side, instead of actually use them.

Now I’m a bit older, a bit surer of what I want, I am much pickier with my beauty products. I don’t choose them for the sake of others having them and I’ve grown a love for quality products over quantity. In all honesty, I see that as a very good thing. I used to love buying as many products as I could, it was a real feel good moment. Then, I’d never use them and not only would I feel bad about it, so would my bank balance. I’d spend a whole lot more on products I wouldn’t use than say, a more expensive product that I’d get a lot more use from.

I’m not saying all of these products are high-end, not at all. I’m just saying that if you’re umming and ahhing about whether to buy the one product for £30 (that you’ll most probably use a lot) or £30 on 5 products (just because you feel you’ll get more for your money), I know which I’d prefer.

That being said, I’ve recently fallen head over heels for a product that the Megan a year or two ago would’ve never gone near. Not because of the product, but the price point. I used to believe cheaper products were the way to go. A whole mess of Alex drawers later full to the top with products I don’t use has proved to me that that wasn’t the right way.

The new love of my life, palette of my dreams and ultimate true beauty is the Dior Fashion Colour Palette. I’ve never actually owned a palette that can do a bit of everything. I’ve had face palettes with blush and bronzer, or eye palettes that you can use as blush shades and so on, but never one that can cater for your whole face.

This palette is inspired by Dior runway shows and its purpose is for you to be able to create two different makeup looks suited to your desires, an event or whatever you please. One of those looks being fresh faced and natural, with the lighter shades, ones that give you more luminosity and make your features pop. The other look is an all-olut glamorous look. You know, smoky eyes, dreamy bronzer and a bold lip. Seriously, you can do either with this palette with such ease and also makes it a great one for desk to dancefloor kinda days.

The Dior Fashion Colour Palette includes 13 different products, as follows:

1 Diorskin Forever compact in No. 010
2 Dior Blushers in No. 876 + No. 756
6 Eye Shadows in No. 811, 95, 777, 622, 693 + No. 526
2 sets for the lips: Dior Addict Gloss No. 553 + Rouge Dior No. 361 and Dior Addict Gloss No. 343 + Rouge Dior No. 688
2 eye and lip brushes and a brush for blush and also a face sponge.

My go to makeup look of the moment is always fresh faced and natural so I like to use the lighter shades. Usually, I go in with the left side of the palette, as those tones suit my skin tone better. The darker blush is so pretty on bare skin to, I live for it. If I apply concealer to under my eyes or even blemishes and spots, I the compact powder is great at setting it for all day long. It’s more of a transparent powder so it doesn’t leave any colour residue and also makes it great to take on the go with you if you want to powder throughout the day.

For every day the purple shadow hues are super pretty and feminine, and are the perfect shades to take into an evening with you. I like to apply the shimmer shades with my finger as it picks up more pigment helps pack it on better.

Then for lips, my favourite is the first gloss as it’s a ‘your-lips-but-better’ finish. It’s a super juicy looking finish and not sticky at all – yay. Lip glosses are so much more satisfying when they look pretty without the stick residue. I prefer to apply this with my finger again over a lip brush as it’s quick and easy for on the go if you need to reapply.

This palette has indeed made me realise that quality over quantity is the way forward for me with beauty products. No longer am I wasting my money – I’ve written that in words now, it’s been said, so hold me to it. Please.

My gosh, I am late to the Dior palette bandwagon aren’t I? But v glad I’m finally on it.

You can purchase this beautiful palette at World Duty Free in their beauty department.


* This palette contains PR samples *



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