Makeup products haven’t excited me much these past few months I’m not going to lie. Since finding out that I actually prefer to embrace natural and lighter makeup, I’ve kind of fallen out of the swing of trying new products all the time.

Disclaimer – these are the first bare faced images of me on my blog and here’s to many more. 2018 is the year of more confidence and showing more of the true me.

Lately, I’ve being going from one mascara to another and not really realising that I’ve gone several days without putting much makeup on at all and that’s ok. At first I thought it was down to laziness, but then I realised there was an actual reason.

Go back a year or so, to the days I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face. I’d wake up in the morning for a lecture and tell myself ‘today Megan, we will go light with the foundation, no winged liner and just a light coat of mascara’. A few moments (or should I say a good 30 minutes +) passed by and there I was with a full face of foundation, winged liner that made so stressed out trying to get even I won’t even get into it and false lashes. You name it, I did it. I wasn’t happy like that, it made me no more confident than I feel without it all and that’s what has brought me to write this post and share my story with finding myself in my own skin.

Since last summer I haven’t worn foundation. I actually remember the last day I wore it because it was Wireless Festival and the day before I went on holiday, Friday 7th July. I know, that seems a very long time ago now and I didn’t think I’d last as long as this, I really didn’t. 7 months or so down the line and I don’t think I’ll go back to wearing it for a long time. This moment of a foundation-less me is what I think made me become aware I was happy to embrace my skin and be happier wearing less makeup.

That being said, I’ve picked up my love for testing and trying them again and that’s down to finding my own preference. I used to see the amazing but ‘not-so-me’ Instagram tutorials and think yep, that’s exactly how I need to do my makeup. When in actual fact, that’s not what I wanted at all. I had myself being stuck in a rut of buying all these products everyone else was trying just to feel in with the latest trends. A little later on and I really regret that decision, and so does my bank account oops.

Last month I had a huge beauty clear out and shocked myself when I realised I had 68 eye shadow palettes, god knows how many single eyeshadows and over 100 lipsticks (that’s not even with the 30+ foundations and the rest of my collection). I got to a point last year when I stopped buying makeup simply because I didn’t have space for it. I only have a small room at home and last months clear out was what I needed to fall back in love once and for all. It feels so good to be back on it and actually enjoying testing out and using products, old or new.

I think instead of following the trends and feeling like you have to wear your makeup a certain way, use certain products and in a sense look like other people, its good to stop and think, ‘actually, how do I want to wear my makeup?’ ‘What makeup actually works better for me?’. You’ll soon find your way, just like I did.

The trouble is, nowadays, with social media and the Internet, we feel we can do wrong by being ourselves and I needed that to stop. It was dangerous and I wasn’t happy. I felt I was becoming a person I wasn’t and now I’m in a place where I can say I’ve found myself in my own skin, I’m happy and content and that’s through the beauty of makeup. I now wear less, feel better and should I say, feel more me.

You may have opened this post thinking it would be more about my personality, my traits, and finding my head and myself in my own skin. When in actual fact I’m here embracing my thoughts and talking about natural beauty and how it isn’t something people touch on enough in a personal way. I’ve seen a few odd blog posts, even magazine articles, in the past refer to natural beauty, how to wear it, but not the actual meaning behind it or for embracing it. These glossy articles tell you to embrace your skin but the writer behind the screen could fully well be sitting there with a full face on, not actually giving a true sense of reality and what it means to embrace your skin, flaws and all.

One of my favourite quotes I just couldn’t finish this post without saying and sums up my point is:

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

Shots by the lovely Sarah Treacher, who has given me so much more confidence with these images and sassy attitude (find her photography Instagram here – I can’t get enough!).



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