Looking through my wardrobe and seeing whats good and whats not always whittles down to me not wanting to get rid of any shoes. Over the past few months I have hoarded a lot more shoes than I would normally and I’ve just come to realising why.

A shoe can change an outfit, old or new a pair of shoes can make you feel good and really tell a story about your style.

I for one don’t actually have one distinctive style. Some days I wear trainers, cropped trousers and crop sweaters and one day I will wear a pretty little dress with heels or heeled boots, it just depends on my mood. I never dress for an occasion, if that makes sense. I usually opt for style over comfort and I think that’s how my style has evolved.

When growing up I used to think I had to abide by style rules. I used to think if I were going shopping or to London for the day I had to wear the comfiest shoes I could find, whether I wanted to wear those or not. I used to think if I were going for dinner it would be too dressy to opt for court shoes over heeled boots. Now I’ve thrown away that attitude, I feel my style has come out for what it truly is. That being said, it all revolves around what shoes I choose.

I don’t always go for heels or should I say ‘prettier’ shoes over trainers. Some days I feel trainers will work best and I’ll go with them. My favourite trainers of the moment have to be Yeezy’s or maybe Old Skool Vans as I know they’ll go with pretty much every outfit I choose than involves full length bottoms (i.e. not a skirt or dress – although someone could totally rock that and look incredible).

Now that Spring is on its way, yes I have mentioned Spring already, I feel my shoe wardrobe could get a whole lot bigger and I’m totally fine with that. Shoe obsessive? I think so. Us humans have to be obsessed with something right, and my obsession just happens to be shoes. It’s a totally happy and content obsession might I add.

This pair of shoes in particular says spring all over and when I finally got the chance to wear them, my god did I feel good. These are the Ted Baker Peetch brooch embellished court shoes in Dusky Pink and actually a pair of shoes I had my first SJP moment with when I couldn’t find them in stock and hunted them down until they were mine. Then, when they were mine, I may have cuddled them a little and not wanted to let them go. Yes, I am that person.

Side note – they are now back in stock and will probably sell out fast, so I’ve got your back and linked them here.

I find these work well with trousers (how I’ve styled them here), dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, playsuits, pretty much anything you want. They look beautiful with tailored outfits especially and I can’t wait for an excuse to come up this year to wear them with a dress and feel like the true SJP.

Lets face it, as much as I was looking forward to wearing cute pairs of heeled boots for the winter months, what’s prettier than a pair of spring or summer shoes? Be prepared for more shoe porn coming your way as I have many beauties I just have to share now that the weather might start getting better and that means more shoes get to come out to play.

It just amazes me how much a pair of shoes can change your mood, your style and your attitude. Lets face it, who else feels that can master anything when wearing a good pair of shoes hey?



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