When I look back at my teenage years and all the photos, I either wore the tackiest jewellery possible or none at all. I never went through a phase of wearing jewellery that means something to me, neither did I wear it with any kind of style.

Remember the days back when, when those huge pearl necklaces and arm full of jingling bangles were in, were a thing? Yep, I was part of that trend. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cute at the time but really, it didn’t suit me in the slightest.

When I grew out of all the tacky and over worn jewellery, I didn’t wear any for years. My mum would buy me gorgeous earrings to try and sway me, I even was gifted a watch once from my boyfriend and never felt right wearing it. I mean, how can a piece of jewellery not feel right? Well, when we grow up jewellery is much more personal, don’t you think?

I spent years telling myself I didn’t suit it and just put off wearing it. Then, my dear little Nan gave me a pair of earrings that meant so much to her that had been cleaned and polished up in her late 40’s and not worn since. The day I put those in and rocked them was the day I started becoming a jewellery lover, but only for pieces that I felt really suited my style.

You see, I find jewellery quite a personal thing. A lot of pieces people wear I find have some meaning behind them. Jewellery that can tell a story is pretty special.

I’m not one to over accessorise. That’s probably to blame on the’ over wearing’ of my very tacky jewellery back in my early teens, my god I’d love to share those photos. Too embarrassing to say the least, but I might one day on Instagram stories if you’re lucky.

It’s true for a woman, or a man, that jewellery and items that mean something to you are worn with much more care, pride and love. If it wasn’t for those earrings from my Nan maybe I still wouldn’t wear jewellery now. Who knows? Not me. So thanks Nan, you lil gem.

When I’m choosing jewellery and pieces to either cherish or wear daily, I do go about it slowly and take my time to choose what’s right for me. I’d say my style is quite simplistic, minimal and ‘barely there’ when it comes to accessories, especially my jewellery choices.

Admittedly, I am particularly fussy when it comes to my earrings. If you know me, I rotate the same few as 1) I know what will suit me and 2) they’re the first thing people will probably notice (jewellery wise) so it needs to be pretty, right?

These beauties are like none I’ve ever owned before. These are the White Topaz Earrings in Vermeil from Gemporia and their Annabella collection – a.k.a. the perfect pair for day to evening as they are just the right kind of sparkle if you get what I mean, so classic and elegant with a twist of modern edge. They are made of vermeil (gold plated silver) and feature 0.88cts of beautiful white topaz from Brazil. With each earring boasting 24 gorgeous little gems, it’s no wonder they catch my eye when I walk past the mirror.

Its pieces like these that make me realise why I choose certain types of jewellery. I never go for something bold and out there, because that’s just me. As much as I’d love to rock some big bold red tassel earrings, they’re so not my style. I took my time but I finally got there in understanding what jewellery works for me and what doesn’t. It’s such a personal thing isn’t it? That’s why I love browsing and finding the perfect piece for me and my style.

Dainty, minimalistic and classic jewellery is so my thing, what’s yours?

You can shop the Gemporia range and find your perfect piece here.

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Photography by Sarah Treacher – @ohitssare / @sarahellen_photography

* This post contains a gifted PR sample *





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