Monday mornings are usually quite blue, dull and just not great in all – would you agree?
Well a Monday morning of mine not so long ago was not so’ Monday-ish’ at all. It was quite a heavenly start to the week actually. I didn’t feel miserable, meh, v sad and all those other feelings you get when another weekend bites the dust. Nope, none of those feelings were even the slightest bit present. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was all thanks to a good old spa morning. Aka. the best way to start any week, all Mondays and just any day from now on in my books.
The past few weeks I haven’t really been feeling myself, not in my body or my mind for that matter.
My head, my back and just everything felt like one big knot.
With a lot going on and a lot to think about, my mind wasn’t quite in its normal headspace should I say. I felt a bit (okay, I’ll be honest with you now… very) discombobulated *does a little dance for getting that funny word in – it always makes me giggle*.
Then, a spa morning was in order with the Mondrian London and my Monday, my morning and my mind and body got that whole lot better. Oh yes, it was just what I needed. Thank the world for massages. Like, seriously.
It was a sunny yet cold morning in London the morning of the exciting treatment, so all felt pretty fab before I even got there. Then, it began and all just got that (heck of a lot) better.
The Mondrian London at Sea Containers is located on the river, so a beautiful setting to say the least. It’s agua Bathhouse & Spa is a beautiful boutique bathhouse, inspired by Hollywood glamour and is a true authentic experience.
Agua Spa’s entrance is downstairs in the Mondrian hotel, and I only knew roughly where it was as I’ve been there several times but never actually to the spa itself. So I was pretty damn excited.
Like I expected, the spa was fresh, white, spacious and tranquil. The hotel itself – its bars, restaurants and the rooms are truly fabulous – and now I can add the spa to its ‘expectedly fabulous’ list.
I’ve once before been to the Sanderson’s spa, which is a sister hotel to the Mondrian London as they’re both part of the Morgan’s Hotel Group and both blew away what I thought a truly beautiful and calming spa experience was. I’d never before been to a spa quite like it. They are spas that make you feel like you really deserve what’s to come. A true ‘wind-down-and-live-in-the-moment’ feeling, I tell you that.
Agua Spa’s relaxation room is the absolute dream to say the least. Not only is it calming with its Zen music, selection of feel good teas and uber comfy chill out seated areas and beds, its centerpiece being a water feature is just so therapeutic and the perfect touch.
Upon arrival I was taken here and given a briefing about what the morning will entail. After settling in and once I was changed into my robe and slippers, it was time for the treatment.
I was booked in for the Custom Guru Massage, which is your choice of full body massage but taken up a notch a little from agua Spa’s original custom massage. Also just what I needed.
You have a choice of 50 or 80 minutes for your treatment, depending on your needs and desires. I went with 50 and was the perfect amount of time. I also got to sneak in a cheeky little nap to. Yes, it was that relaxing.
For the full body massage I got to choose what pressure my body wanted (I always go medium and a little firmer on the shoulders) as well as my mix of oils. I went with calming oils and the masseuse made a beautiful blend of chamomile, lavender and geranium. It was floral yet calming and I smelt incredible after, if I do say so myself. I also got to take home a little bottle of the blended oils, which is a dream in the tub. I still have some left and I’m holding onto it for dear life.
My 50-minute custom massage began with replacing my towel with a warm one, one so snug that sent me into instant relaxation. Why does nowhere else use this technique? Cos it’s blimmin fab. The masseuse then started with my back, neck and shoulders, focusing mainly on my shoulders, as that’s where I said was most tender. Getting out those knots was oh-so satisfying and so needed. Shoulder massages are my favourite by far and this one was a dream.
After back, neck and shoulders it was onto the legs, which is an area I never usually get massaged, so it was quite an experience. As I suffer with tenderness on my left calf, the masseuse was quite gentle on my legs, which was actually just what I needed. You can of course ask for it to be firmer depending on your areas of need. If you wish you can ask for the entire massage to be firm, or gentle, it’s entirely up to you and how you wish to customise it. Now, I love a good leg massage would you believe it. I thought it would be a weird sensation but it’s an area I didn’t realise was so tense, but now relaxed.
For the front facing massage, the masseuse focused on my head, shoulders, chest and thighs.
Does anyone else like always fall to sleep when they have a head massage? Yeah, me to. Someone playing with my hair is like so dreamy and I wish I could request it all the time.
When it came to the end of my massage and the masseuse told me to get up in my own time, I was definitely debating lying there forever and just not move from underneath the warm towel. That warm towel was such a nice little touch and so perfect for the wintery weather we’re having.
This spa morning was the ultimate treat and so well needed. So, I can’t thank the Mondrian London and their beautiful agua Bathhouse & Spa enough for getting me back into a good headspace and making me entire body feel like it was floating on clouds.
You can see their menu and more about their spa here.
What is your ideal spa treatment?
Photography by Sarah Treacher
@ohitssare / @sarahellen_photography


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