Fashion isn’t something I ever saw myself ‘getting in to’. I never understood in my teenage years how to put clothes together and I certainly had no idea what my style really was.

I’d spend my time looking through all the fashion magazines and seeing those oh-so fashiony girls on Tumblr that always go it right, and I never quite got why I couldn’t put together an outfit like they could. Or, if I did, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off like they could.

I grew up wearing what everyone else around me did, not a bad thing, but I certainly never experimented for myself and bought items that I liked and everyone else didn’t. I wasn’t afraid of being mocked or being questioned for my fashion choices but I felt I wouldn’t ‘fit in’. And fitting in seems like the utmost important thing when you’re growing up doesn’t it? Why do we pressure ourselves to make ourselves fit in? Who knows? Looking back, it all seems really quite silly, quite sad, but that’s what growing up is and I wouldn’t want to change what I wore. I guess, trying to fit in taught me along the way that fitting in isn’t as cool as it seems.

Since starting my blog and going to University, I finally understood that everyone is actually different. Everyone is their own being, their own style icon and unique individual. Coming from a small-ish town and not in a bustling city really shies you away from individuality of style and what the rest of the world has to offer. By that I mean, spending a lot of time outside of my town when going to events for my blog and also spending a shed loads of time in London for uni, I began to open my eyes to individual styles and that they were the way forward. Not copying, but being individual, being you in your own clothes.

Even now, a few years on, I am very thankful that taking that step, going to a big city University and opening my blog helped me find who I am and also, that it’s actually ok to not fit in – it is ok to be different, be you.

I feel a bit silly sometimes saying that I’ve ‘found myself’. I don’t know why but that term cringes me out a bit, but it’s the truth. Finding myself came quite recently in my early 20’s and I’m so thankful for that. I wouldn’t say I’ve 100% found myself, as I’m still clueless about where my life will lead – but that’s the fun of it all and is actually how a lot of other feels, don’t they? I hope I’m not the only one. But I have found my style and what it means to be individual and why it’s ok to not fit in.



HEELS – Zara (sold out – similar)


EARRINGS – Topshop (similar at Oliver Bonas)

SUNGLASSES – Quay (sold out – similar)

Photography by Sarah Treacher:
@ohitssare / @sarahellen_photography

Not fitting in was something I always worried about and made sure I did everything I could TO fit in. Now, being in my early 20’s I’ve finally comes to terms with the fact that not fitting in is the best way to be. To be yourself and your own person is much better than letting others voices, styles, opinions, preferences and all the rest of it, lead you into being someone you’re not just to feel like you ‘fit in’.

Fitting in is all part of an act really isn’t it. It’s making yourself someone your not. Fitting it can make you shy away from your own opinions, likes and dislikes and even little things like what you wear, how you wear it and why you wear what you wear.

Ever since buying clothes that I like and not buying them because others like them has given my confidence. Confidence is something I’ve never had with my fashion, not until now. I’ve never felt more confident to put outfits and wear items that I actually like and have taken time to style with other pieces. It is so satisfying buying new bits, putting them together and getting complimented for it, knowing that you’ve made this look, this look is you. I think it really shows when people wear clothes and style them in a way they want and that’s not fitting in is it, that’s them being them.

Not fitting is used to seem wrong, but how right it is.

That’s all for now loves. Be you, the best kinda you. Loves.


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