Fashion. It’s is a funny thing really isn’t it?

Well funny in a way it really can be a two way street, no right and wrong, even though it feels like this is a right or wrong way ‘to do’ fashion.

It’s one of those things where you feel its right to mimic or be inspired by others style and sense of fashion. But, at the same time, fashion and style tell a story that tells us that finding your own style is the right way, the best way and not to copy others. We are told to wear what you want, what feels good on you. Right?

From someone who once didn’t know what direction their style would go in and who didn’t think they would ever find their own style, it’s a confusing two way street.

If you go either end of the spectrum you can either feel as if 1) not showing off your own style or 2) too much inspired by just your own style that you become stuck for ideas. There is no right and no wrong but there is some kind of umbrella we feel we need to fall into, when in fact that’s not what fashion is about. It’s to be inspired, inspire others and be your own inspiration.

Once upon a time I felt that if I wore an outfit inspired by someone then I was copying. Then eventually, that felt wrong and I no longer let myself get inspired by others fashion. I was stuck. Then, I wore the clothes I (thought I) wanted to. I put together my own outfits and felt like although I didn’t feel fully comfortable, this was the right thing to do. Some outfits weren’t exactly ‘on trend’ or a true representation of myself. But, I thought if I wasn’t being inspired by others and wore an outfit I thought nobody was rocking, then it was right. Then (yet another realisation hit home), I realised my outfits weren’t really me, my style or sometimes actually made me feel like crap and realised once again, it all felt wrong. A two way street I tell you, until… you find your one-way street, a single path that feels right.

I found a one-way street and eventually, and I was finally on the right path.

So for me, it’s all about balance. I’ve learned how to balance myself between each end of the spectrum so I can be my own stylist as well as be inspired by others. Now, I wouldn’t copy a style if it wasn’t for me and I also wouldn’t feel stupid or not wear something I think others may not like.

This feeling of realising there’s no right or wrong in fashion and coming to terms with my own sense of style and comfortability took a long time. For some it might not, but before my blog I never considered myself as very fashion forward, which hindered my confidence. Since starting my blog, finding my voice and sharing what I love and am passionate for, I’ve realised fashion is something that I can find my feet in. At long last.

Just recently with all these thoughts whizzing around in my head and coming to my laptop and deciding to write this post to share my experience, I had a sudden urge to jazz up my wardrobe. I had this urge mainly so that I don’t fall into the trap of re-wearing the same clothes again and again, but also to help me find my feet even more and treat myself to some new bits that are very me but also some inspired by others.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit time and time again but in the end you can become uninspired and not feel you in your own clothes. So, I took it upon myself to rejig what I have and also found a way to be able to rock the same outfits over and over if I want to, but make it a little bit different each time. I am of course a serial outfit repeater, who isn’t? But I’ve found a way to wear the same outfits when I feel like it and not get to that uninspired stage.



First things first, let me talk to you about handbags. I’ve got to be honest with you, I have a serious handbag hoarder problem. But lets keep that between me and you shall we?

I’m that type of girl to go into a shop or go online and the first thing I’ll search for is what handbags are on offer. Right now my favourite stores for that are Topshop, Mango and Lavish Luxe. I love bags on trend or not. If it’s cute, it’s mine.

So, when it comes to jazzing up my outfit, wanting to re-wear something but make it look that little bit different, a handbag is my first choice. A handbag can transform an outfit. They can make a formal outfit seem more relaxed if that’s what you’re looking for, or even make a relaxed outfit look more sophisticated and formal.

Whether it be a clutch, a shoulder bag or even a super oversized tote, they’re all a hit. Try it for yourself, try different bags with the same outfit and see how much it can change the look.

Yes, I am one of those people who ‘try on a handbag’ in a mirror and admire it just like SJP does.


Once upon a time I wouldn’t be seen dead in jewellery. For 1) I didn’t think it suited me and 2) I believed it wouldn’t add anything to my outfit. Oh boy was I wrong.

I had my ears pierced and my mum used to treat me to super cute bracelets but I just never ever wore anything. Beats me now because I absolutely love jewellery, especially earrings. What a statement a good pair of earrings can make hey?

Now, I wear earrings with the most relaxed outfits and can’t feel myself if I don’t wear any. They’re my staple and go to when I want to jazz up a chilled outfit, even a formal one. How things change.

With earrings you can make a statement with even the smallest of earrings. Sparkling diamonds don’t go a miss and neither do big old hoops. I am actually really glad hoops have made a come back as now, they’re on trend in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of twists to them and I’m all for it.


if my budget could allow my footwear fantasies come true, a girl would 1) be a v happy girl but 2) have absolutely no space for anything else.

I have a different kind of love for footwear as there are so many I lust over but can never quite justify. Hence why I like to rely more on handbags to satisfy my needs as there are so many more dupes. However, when I find a good pair of shoes that I do want to treat myself to, so be in and my wardrobe always thanks me.

There’s nothing better than a killer pair of shoes to amp up your look and I’m all about heels at the minute. You can have the most dressed down outfit on ever, even slacks, and you whack on a pair of heels and the look goes to an 11/10 straight away. The same goes for a good pair of trainers to, but the opposite way around.

Shoes are my fall-back when I need to totally jazz up my outfit and want to go from chilling like a villain to a pretend princess.

I love being versatile with my footwear. I like to challenge my style. Go for trainers with a skirt and heels with ‘slack style bottoms’. I just think it looks so effortless and it really justifies that famous Monroe line, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”


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3 effortless accessories that can say a lot about you and are also incredibly easy to access to jazz up your look.

What accessories are your go to for jazzing up an outfit?



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