As a human being, practically a child, growing up in the age of online media, social media and every type of media that surrounds us those medias (silently but clearly) shouting demands at for us to be a certain way, make us feel we need to fit in and do what others are doing, it’s quite hard to go off on a tangent and be who you want to be.

Being a young girl and being indulged into the realm of beauty at such a young age with easy access to online tutorials, constant beauty adverts and whatnot, it was easy to become tied up in beauty standards and what the industry makes us believe we should look like and use. With constant beauty tutorials on ‘how to contour’, ‘how to make your lips look fuller’ and many many more, I quickly became interested in how to transform my face. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is incredible. It can make us feeling amazing, look amazing and has so many positive stigmas attached to it. But, little do we realise how easily we can become persuaded into thinking that we need to live up to certain beauty standards.

I started wearing makeup at quite a young age, I’d say around 13. Of course, I didn’t wear a full face and definitely wasn’t experimenting with contour at that age but what I was doing was looking in magazines and on TV and playing around with lipsticks, mascara and all the goodness the Barry M and Miss Sporty stands gave me at that age. The magazines back then were how I perceive YouTube and blog reviews and tutorials now. They were my haven and taught me how to apply things a certain way and told me what was new and trending. At the age of 13 I certainly wasn’t an expert, I wore lipstick way too pale for me and also went through the Dream Matte mousse stage.

But these very bad makeup mistakes as a teenager has lead me through all sorts of good and bag stages with the beauty world. For one, it’s taught me how to apply certain products and what works for me but it also lead me into believing I had to wear my face a certain way to fit in and be accepted by the beauty standards.

I love makeup and still do to this day, it’s why I started my blog and what made me fall in love with a passion I never knew I had or could share. Beauty is something I’ll always indulge in, appreciate and adore, but nowadays that love is very different to what it was when I started my blog.



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Go back two and a half years to when I started my blog. I thought the only way I could fit into the industry and blogging world was by following the makeup trends and habits. I believed that’s what was deemed as acceptable and the only way people would want to read my content. I thought if it was different and not on trend, that nobody would want to read it. Oh how wrong I was and now I look back and chuckle a little bit. 1) How very stupid of me to think the right way was the wrong way and not what I believe now and 2) how stupid of me to think that following trends and thinking that being different would not make me stand out.

Now we go back to just under a year ago to the day I stopped wearing foundation. I haven’t worn it in over 10 months, I don’t even congratulate myself for it because it’s not something I had to wear or had to stop wearing it just happened. My skin certainly thanks me for it though.

Before, if someone told me to go out without foundation then I’d tell them they’re mad. I would always apply a full face of makeup. I felt insecure without it and as sad as that is, its true. That’s how the beauty standards and living up to expectations made me feel. I’d go all out with my makeup for any occasion. Whether it was a university lecture or even a trip to town, I’d have a full face on. It became a habit to wear a full face and it felt the right thing to do. Now my mornings consist of mascara, some bronzer, highlight and lip-gloss at the most and oh how much time I save. Mornings coffees and moisturiser are now my priority over doing my makeup and I never thought I’d say that.

I’m not saying its wrong to wear foundation or a full face. What I’m saying is it feels so good to not live up to the beauty standards and feel more ‘me’ with wearing makeup I want to wear, not feel like I should wear.

This post is more so a about my little journey with finding what works for me and finding out I don’t need to follow expectations to feel like me. In fact, I feel more me with wearing less and that’s great. Beauty standards are being left in the past and I’m wearing whatever makeup I want to.

So I say bog off to the beauty standards and the stigma attached to fitting in – who’s with me?

Over and out, loves.



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