Body confidence.

Body shaming.

Body talk.

Three things I’ve never spoken about on my blog and to be honest, I don’t really talk much about it at all.

Body confidence, shaming and talk are things I usually keep to myself. After all, it is quite a personal thing and if I spoke about it aloud or to my screen more often, I’d probably dwell on it a whole lot more. Personally, I don’t want to do that and body confidence is something that doesn’t come easily, nor does it get easier if we complain, moan or hate on it. Right?

But… yes there’s a but. Recently I’ve felt a lot more comfortable in my body and that’s not for ‘looking better’ as such, it’s more so the fact that since getting older I am more appreciative of what I have and haven’t got. My body is my body and that’s that.

Regardless of what I have or haven’t got, I will always be me and hopefully, always feel happy in my body. I tell myself its mind over body and I should be thankful, and that’s why I’m happier now than I ever was.

I try not to think much about or dwell on my body and its ‘issues’. I say that lightly and in inverted commas because I know saying your body has issues when it appears absolutely fine can be a bit touchy and frowned upon. I even feel touchy about saying it, hence why I don’t overthink my body and what it has and hasn’t got. I just let my body be what it is and try to embrace my flaws over trying to dwell on the bits I don’t like.

One thing I am talking about today and one thing I used to criticise about myself non-stop is my small chest. Small boobs, lets call it.

Go back a few years ago and I’d hate to admit or say aloud that I have small boobs. But hey, its 2018 and I’ve learnt to love and embrace them.

Some say I’m lucky to have small boobs, some that are like me say they’d rather have bigger boobs. That’s just the way minds work. But, my body it was it is and I’ve decided small boobs are meant for me. That’s what I tell myself now anyway. I’ve got what I’ve got and I’ve embraced them as much as I can, which is something I never thought I would say. I’ve grown into them if that even makes sense. I mean, there’s not much there to grow into (pardon the pun) but I’m not hating on that. What I’m trying to say is, I’ve developed a love for them just like I learnt to love my other ‘flaws’.

This love took its damn time but it got there, eventually.

Another thing I never thought I’d do is to not wear a bra. Yes, that’s right, I don’t wear bras all that often. I only do when I need to. Lets say a top just isn’t cutting it without one or say, when I feel like I want to wear one. It took me a long time to admit the fact I don’t wear one often just like it took me a long time to admit the fact I appreciate my small boobs. But now, the more I say it the more normal it is. It feels good to be free as well. If you’re the same, you’ll know what I mean.

But for those times I do want to wear a bra, it has to be pretty, it has to fit right and most of all, it has to make me feel like I’m braless. After all, that is what I’m used to.

So, let’s talk bras shall we.

I’ve recently found a love for satin underwear. There’s something I admire about its softness and it just feels so right under every type of clothing.

With that in mind I’ve fallen head over heels for a set from Little Women Lingerie*, a lingerie brand who specialise in small cup lingerie for breast sizes AAA to B cups. A brand catering for just smaller breasted women? I know, it’s not something we see very often. I’ve got to say, it feels so good to see some more appreciation for us small boobied girls.

For some time the only bra I could wear and find comfortable and flattering for my small chest are the netted bras and CK bralettes, nothing proper or substantial. They are really just decoration, not protection. So it’s amazing to find a proper bra, one that actually fits and supports me in a way that bras should.

So… the Grace Bra Set*… a timeless classic, just like one I imagine Audrey Hepburn would rock. It’s satin, soft and oh so pretty. So comfortable in fact, it literally feels like a second skin and I’m all about that as I hate that tight feeling around your ribs. Even thinking of it makes me feel uncomfortable so shall we not talk about that.

This set comes in 3 different colours. I went with Satin Pink as I love super girly underwear but it also comes in black and grey depending on your preference. The pink set comes with gorgeous gold detailing and a gold clasp to fasten at the back. I think this touch makes it look so effortless and makes it much easier to take on and off than a hook clip.

I found myself trying on bras in store and they just wouldn’t sit right or make me feel so uncomfortable. This one is completely different. Not only is it pretty and makes me feel pretty, it feels supportive but also so comfortable it feels like I’m braless, aka the best feeling in the world.

Comfortable bras are sometimes hard to find, especially for a reasonable price, no matter what size you are.

As well as the bra, the set comes with knickers that are your standard shape bottom. I typically go for thongs as I find them more flattering, but these knickers do amazing things to your behind I tell you. I love to wear these on days I’m lounging around as they make me feel pretty and also look fab. They have mesh detailing and super stretchy elastic inside the seams that I think make them just as comfortable as being nude. This is the perfect set when you want to embrace your body and feel great, no matter your mood.

As well as specialising in small cup lingerie, Little Women are with me in promoting body positivity. My advice for body positivity is to not dwell on the ‘issues’ or ‘bits you don’t like’ and instead focus those thoughts on embracing flaws and learning to feel beautiful in your skin.

16-year-old me would roll my eyes at that advice and not believe it to be true. Now, 6 years on, I’ve learned to take that advice on the chin and embrace my body for what it is and learn to love my small breasts, even though they’ve hardly grown since the old me. Yes, seriously. Maybe they will one day but I’m not betting on it or even wishing for it. Small breasts and bras to go with them has now been accomplished – *does a lil naked dance*.

What lingerie makes you embrace your body and feel like a sexy mofo?

You can find the Grace set here. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.



* This is a sponsored post with Little Women Lingerie. All opinions are 100% honest my own *



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