It’s not often I squeal at makeup products anymore I have to admit. I get excited yes, who doesn’t? But not many makeup products give me the ‘omg need it, want it, gotta get it’ feeling like they used to. Then, PIXI Beauty announced their #PixiPretties collaboration with 3 beauty influencers are my heart dropped, that feeling came back.

*Exciting collaboration klaxon!*

Pixi Beauty decided to collaborate with the likes of Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy and Weylie Hoang to launch products of their own. The idea behind the collaboration was for the products to resonate with their audience and Pixi Beauty lovers, and that is exactly what they’ve done. Pixi Beauty are a brand who flourish in originality and creativity, which shines through with this lineup. And, is why I just bloody love this collaboration. It enables 3 female influencers from the beauty sphere to create products that they know and believe will make others feel and look good with a twist of their own inspiration.

Drum roll please… here comes the oh-so dreamy lineup.

It’s not possible to have a favourite just yet. I’m sure I’ll sway towards all of the palettes at some point because they’re just so versatile. When opening the contents I was making all the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ to each and every shade, finish and packaging. Therefore, in no particular order I shall tell you all about the new collection of #PixiPretties (*drools*).

Pixi + Chloe Morello’s

Chloe Morello, a favourite beauty influencer of mine of course resonated with me the most on this collaboration. I’d had my eye on the Chloe Morello palette since the moment it was announced and for the lip gloss, I just couldn’t resist opening and trying straight away.

The palette, called Palette Chloette, is a true representation of her complexion, beauty favourites and aura. You can tell this collection was inspired by her recent and dreamy wedding day, love and radiance. As Chloe says on the collaboration, “Being in love is one of those times where you look your most radiant”, and that comes through in the shades.

Chloe’s choice of gorgeous bronzed and peachy shades represent her naturally lit-from-within glowing skin. The Chloette palette comes with 6 eye shades, 3 blush shades and 3 brow/liner shades, all versatile and suitable for all skin tones. It’s shimmer tones enable this palette to work for all skin types to. The blushers are silky smooth and wear all day long.

Then, is her must have lip gloss called Lip Icing. This is one of my most loved products from the range so far. Its beautiful bronze shimmer leaves you with a gorgeous pout when worn either on its own or over a lip liner or lipstick. I love wearing this by itself and is giving me all the sun kissed holiday vibes.

Pixi + Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy knows all a busy lifestyle being an on the go mum, so her products are all about being on-the-go and are products many can do with. Agreed?

The Café con Dulce Multi-Purpose Palette is a go to for those who like to use an all over tone (so the same on cheeks and eyes) or like to apply their makeup with ease. So, anyone from mums to makeup fanatics and us (me mainly) lazy ones.

This palette features a powder to crème formula that sits seamlessly on the skin for all day wear and looks so natural it’s quite incredible. The palette caters for all skin tones as you can see, the tones range from light to dark. As well as this, there are shades to highlight, add blush or bronze the skin. My favourite so far from this palette are the highlight shades (of course) and I also use them as eyeshadows on those days I want to go for an all over glow. They’re super long lasting on the lids when I set my normal way, which I was pretty damn impressed with.

Dulce Candy brings to you a second palette, the Lip Candy Lip Palette. This is an addition to the range that hasn’t been seen before at Pixi Beauty. This palette is quite a multi-purpose lip AND cheek kit, made for those who love rich pigment on the lips as well as the face. The formula is cream, once again, as Dulce Candy adores the natural glowing skin look. Cream formulas are my go to for ease of blendability and wear. As they’re cream products they last, blend like a dream and appear more natural and dewy on the skin.

Each shade contains skin-loving antioxidants that help nourish and moisturise both your lips and cheeks and also leave your skin feeling well looked after, with a touch of beautiful colour. I prefer the right hand shades as brights don’t suit me well, but yet again the shades here cater for everyone.

Pixi + Weylie

This new Pixi Beauty release introduced me to the beauty that is Weylie and I am forever thankful. If you love a pretty, effortless and inspiring Instagram feed you know what to do –> @weylie. Thank me later.

When I opened up the package and saw what was new this was the palette that stood out to me the most. It screamed dimension, warm tones and all kinds of gorgeousness that I look for in a palette. With just 6 shades in the eye palette, its also perfect for those fussy ones like myself. It means I don’t spend too long faffing with kinda warm shade to define my crease with. Its all about that deep rust brown and I’m living for it. Anyway, onto telling you more about this collaboration yes? Lets get into it.

So, this particular collaboration is all about the eyes with the Pixi + Weylie Dimensional Eye Creator Kit, including the Let’s Talk Eyes Palette and a dual-ended Black Liner duo there is nothing you can’t do with this set.

The palette itself contains 6 super buttery shadows that are 1) yes, very blendable with their creamy formula and 2) so beautifully pigmented it made my heart weep with love. There are both matte and shimmer shades so you can create any look you wish to. My favourite is a warm matte eye with a little of the kohl liner on my lash line to create some depth.

I haven’t yet tried the liquid liner end of the Black Liner duo but it looks sharp and fierce. I lost my love for winged liner a long time ago now but maybe I should give this a go and see if I can even do it anymore? That would be a picture to document after so long out of practice hey.

So, here’s a HUGE round of applause to the new Pixi Beauty collaborations and its gorgeous #PixiPretties range. It’s utter perfection in my beauty books. I’ve been using that Lip Icing gloss and Weylie Eyes palette since I’ve got it and you know me, there’s no letting go now.


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* This post contains gifted samples *



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