Food food food. Where would I be without my good food. Very sad and distraught, lets put it that way.

I wouldn’t say I am an everyday indulger, it’s just not my style and I like to save the goodness to make it feel special. So when I do indulge and need something really good, I love to go back to those places I know will satisfy my every need. Like, The Real Greek*.

I’d say I’ve been a true Greek food lover since the day I first ever visited Greece really. It was one of those cuisines I never thought I could eat until I went back, but how very wrong I was. I know it can be easy to be caught up in the ‘chain restaurants can’t do it the traditional way’ but with The Real Greek*, they seriously can. From décor, to menu and quality of food, this place has true authentic Greek food down to a T.

Over the past year or two I would say I have changed my food habits quite a bit. I used to be terrified to try different things and had the fussiest taste buds ever. Recently though I’ve started to love a whole variety of foods and with that, is a love for vegan food. I love to see and also try how typical meat dishes can be made vegan, how they taste and also how easy it can be to make a traditional meat dish vegan friendly and so delicious.

The Real Greek* has recently launched a vegan menu – one with traditional twists as well as all new vegan dishes. It’s new, it’s fun and it’s very exciting for those vegan foodie lovers. Let’s dive straight in shall we? I know that’s why you’re here… to drool over what The Real Greek has got to offer.

Warning – Food heaven is about to commence.

Whenever I eat at the Real Greek I tend to get the same thing but switch it up every so often. I knew I had enjoyed everything I’d tried previously, so tasting a new menu was a very exciting time. I was giddy let me tell you that.

It was a nice experience to as I took along my boyfriend who had never been to The Real Greek before and that thought upset me. One of my go-to restaurants and Ollie had never been. Baffed? I was indeed.

We both headed to their Spitalfields restaurant (my fave as they have the kindest staff) with very empty grumbly and grumpy stomachs, as we had waited all day long to eat this feast. We ordered what we liked the look of from the all-new Vegan menu and a few little bits I wanted Ollie to try from the original menu. My all time favourite is the Green Pea Fava, a mashed green pea dish with olive oil, lemon, red onion and tomato (also on the new Vegan menu) with the Chicken Monastiraki, slow roasted chicken marinated in Greek herbs with tzatziki, onion and paprika – i.e. heaven on a plate. We shared this to start with the never-to-miss Crudites and Houmous, again another two from the Vegan menu and two I always have to order.

Then, from the Vegan menu we tried a variety of new dishes. They serve all flavours, spices and herbs that I just couldn’t get enough of. We even ordered another dish whilst eating (although we’d already ordered 10 to share, oops) as it was so yum and I had to try everything I loved the look of.

From the menu we got Chickpea Filo Triangles, probably my favourite from the new vegan dishes. This is a dish of two filo pastry parcels filled with chickpeas, cumin, turmeric with a touch of sundried tomato and chilli. Oh my word these we heaven. If Ollie weren’t sharing with me I would’ve happily devoured both. Then we munched our way through Spinach with Gigandes Plaki, a dish of slow-cooked hearty rich beans and spinach in a to-die-for herby tomato sauce as well as a dish of Grilled Aubergine, which is chargrilled and served with the same sauce as the beans. I had died and gone to herby tomato sauce heaven. I think Ollie had to, I’m not so sure as I forgot about everything and was too busy eating.

I also ordered a plate of the Braised Artichokes and I just lurve those and had tried them previously. This is a Northern Greek dish served with carrots, lemon and their famous olive oil sauce.

So 11 dishes in all, 7 from the new Vegan menu, we then ordered a few bits from the original menu as I couldn’t leave without Ollie trying that chicken dish. Our last 3 dishes were the Halloumi Fries for Ollie (he reported back and said they were one of his faves), their highly recommended Salt Cod (a new fave of mine) and Lamb Skewers that are served with peppers and onions and a side of lemon mayonnaise.

Full to the brim and very happy we had also shared a gorgeous bottle of Greek white wine called Cavino – Ionos White, which was perfect to wash that feast down.

If I could cook like the Greeks then Greek food is something I would eat every single day of the week. It’s so fresh, delicious and filling without the guilt. Whether you’re vegan, like vegan food or new to it all, this menu is one to try. Its unreal and also making my mouth drool thinking of it all.

Wanna transport yourself to a beautiful sunny Greek island? Head to The Real Greek, with their food you’re halfway there.

Thank you to The Real Greek for introducing me to this new vegan menu, I will most certainly be back for more.

Find their locations and menu here.

What’s your favourite restaurant for ‘escaping’ to another country?



* This meal was complimentary but all opinions are 100% honest and my own *



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