I just sat at my laptop for a good 10 minutes staring at my screen before knowing how to begin this post. It may have even been 15 minutes, I know it was longer than the usual ‘stare blankly at the screen before typing anything’ moment.

Not only is the first sentence of a post the hardest part, I’ve had something I’ve wanted to write for a while now.

I’ve changed my mind god knows how many times then ummed and ahhed a million more times whether to even bother. But, I’m finally here and ready to talk about what I initially had planned to. Hurrah (trying to be v un-sarcastic here, as I seriously need to shake off this ‘is it appropriate to share certain things’ mood).

Let me just say it. The reason I felt funny about sharing this post is because I never share my own stories, thought or views about my own body confidence. I’m usually one to soak up others opinions and just sit back and listen. I must say, I am a very good listener if I do say so myself. But, all jokes aside, it become tiresome and I didn’t save any of my energy to focus on myself, my own body and how I felt. I became too involved in how others felt about their own body that I never really thought about my own.

So this post is all about my journey, thoughts and view on confidence. It’s a little bit about fitness, a little bit about mindset and a whole lot about I feel and want to express my advice on confidence.

I go to the gym and I workout quite often, for mind over fitness, but that’s a whole other story.

I’ve been going to the gym for a number of years now but only took it ‘seriously’ shall we say, about 18 months ago. Even since then, I still never thought about my own confidence. I just kind of got on with what I had and tried to make myself happy and content, which I have now achieved (not 100%, but I’m pretty content).

Lately I have had a few requests about my workout routine and it kind of baffled me and I questioned why anyone would want tips from me. Me? Seriously?

It was overwhelming and never thought someone would ever ask me that, and that is kind of what gave me a kick up the butt to think about my own body, how I feel in it and for once questioned my own confidence. Am I confident? In my mind I’d say yes, I have been for quite a while now. I’ll thank University, my loved ones and my blog for that. So, thanks all.

I’m not 100% confident, not even close, as I still have bad days, but who doesn’t? However, I do feel pretty content in that ‘mind’ area, which I can now say the same goes for my body confidence.

I didn’t realise how much working out would benefit my mind as well as my body. I have kept at it and now, exercise is the main part of my life where I can fully zone out and focus on me. Just me and nothing else.

That, has lead to how I’m feeling right now and just wanted to talk about it as I feel a lot of people do come online to share and express these kind of emotions and thoughts.

We moan, we sometimes cry and focus our negative thoughts on our confidence too often. We knock ourselves down only to have to put in more energy to pick ourselves back up and I just question, is it all worth it?

Is it worth thinking about the wrongs when you can focus on the rights?

We are all human, we all have good and bad bits. I can assure you, I certainly do to.

I’m not saying to have a good body you have to workout, hence another reason I’m here today.

Just a couple of weeks back I went on a little weekend away to Mallorca to soak up the sunshine, relax and get away from it all.

As it wasn’t the normal time of year I’d go away and wear a bikini I didn’t really focus on the gym like I normally do before I go. I usually exercise more often pre-holiday so I can fully relax whilst I’m away and eat the entire hotels food menu… who else does this?

As I didn’t ‘hit the gym’ as often I usually do, I thought I’d hate putting on a bikini. I thought I wouldn’t look like I did last summer when I put on my bikini on for the first sunbathe, when in actual fact I felt better. How?

I’m not implying I am 100% happy with my body, I think it would be impossible to be. But, I am just more focused on being happy in myself over what I look/feel like.

Yes, I did feel good and I do want to say that out loud and feel proud.

I never have before and like I said, I never even used to know if I was body confident or not. I didn’t give myself time to worry about myself and I certainly don’t waste time picking out the bad bits now. Looking in the mirror too long never did me any favours as a teenager as I used to pick out what I hated and focused solely on that. It was a long process and took many times for me to listen to my mum and realise those imperfections are what make me, me.

Now, I do the complete opposite. Thanks mumma. I am who I am and that’s all that matters.

I don’t want to get all preachy, that’s not my jam, but honestly, happy thoughts go a very very very long way, especially when it comes to this topic. We all have good, we all have bad, but the good outweighs those bits you don’t like if you let it.

Thanks to this lil gem of a bikini for making me feel good on holiday to. Never before have I wore a white bikini… probably too scared to spill sangria or food down it I guess? But it survived, it worked and I can’t wait to wear it again. The mesh detailing and high waisted bottoms are a little bit of me. Shop it here.

Looking for some more holiday inspo? Boohoo have got you covered and I may even need to make an order for my next getaway. Shop holiday here.

Body confidence and happiness… what’s your tip?



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