Ah, sunshine. Where art thou?

Some sunny days have hit us, and hit us real good but there’s still some cloudy days looming around isn’t there. Summer in England isn’t exactly spot on all the time, but by all means I’ve been pretending like it’s summer every day. Why not? When it hits May/June time my summer wardrobe comes out to play and it’s all v exciting. Out come the summer dress, holiday playsuits* and cute accessories.

Only then do you realise you need (okay, maybe not need but want) some new things and that ‘some’ turns into a whole long list. Before you know it, you’ve created a grand total of £568.79 in your basket and you only went online to buy a cute lil skirt. That isn’t just me I hope.

With summer on its way, slowly but surely (I hope with my fingers and toes crossed), I can do nothing but shop for all things clothes. I find myself scrolling Instagram lusting over things and creating one heck of a long wishlist. My online baskets are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I may have gone a bit overboard, but there’s no harm in looking and wishing, right?

From summer brights to subtle beiges (I do love a good nude) and bold prints to soft florals, let’s see what I’ve been cooking up in those online baskets shall we?



Easy to throw on outfits are my go to for the summer months, especially whilst I’m prancing around on holidays. It’s so easy to whip out a co-ord and style it with a cute bag or pair of sandals. I’m not one to want to faff when I’m hot, I don’t know about you. So simple, easy and effortless outfits are my favourite at this time of year. My hot favourites are by far the bold colours and more subtle prints. But I’ve got a whole variety that I’ve been lusting after that might tickle your fancy to.



Ah swimwear, how I wish I could live in you. I don’t know what it is about being in a bikini or cute sarong lounging by the pool in the sun, but I just blimmin well love it. Gimme a cocktail, a good book and I’m set for the day. Swimwear picks have been so incredibly hard to choose from this year with so many new styles and too many cute ideas. So here’s just a few (yes I’ve got tonnes more in my baskets) that I can’t take my eyes off. All in one’s are a new fave of mine I have to admit.



I wouldn’t be being honest if I said accessories aren’t my favourite thing. Put me in any fashion store and I’ll head straight for the accessories. I usually start with bags (hence why there’s a higher % of bags on this list), then I’ll shop shoes then the rest. Oh I just love how a cute bag, nice pair of shoes or snazzy earrings can change up a whole outfit. Don’t you?

Summer style is one of my favourites. The effortless sun dresses, cute co-ords and holiday bits are so obsessive to shop for. I love a good holiday shop, especially for those items you can chuck on with flip flops or a pair of heels. Something like a playsuit or a cute colourful dress.

There’s nothing more I love than chucking on a holiday get up, walking to the breakfast bar and knowing there’s nothing else to do all day but soak up the sunshine and maybe adventure out. The adventure out part can only happen when 1) I’ve done enough chilling and managed to get my tan on (yes I’m a real sucker for the sun) and 2) when I find something that’s so exciting I can do nothing but want to go anywhere.

I’m one of those people that holiday by the beach or with a nice pool to do nothing but relax. Of course if its a city break I do nothing but adventure. It’s all about balance you see. Summer sun and summer fun styling is all about balance you see.


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Co-ord set from IKRUSH

What’s your go to east-to-wear summer style?




* This was a sponsored collaboration, but all writing/opinions are my own *



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