Fathers Day… an occasion I never know what to buy for. It’s one of those where I leave it until last minute (sorry dad) and then when it comes to what to treat him to, I go mind blank and can’t think for the life of me what he likes. Anyone else?

It’s one of those occasions I think many people forget until v last minute (I do hope that’s not just me. Again, sorry dad), so I like to think each year when I do come round to get my dad a little treat, I pick right.

Men can be hard to buy for in some ways. I mean, most are happy with a pair of socks or just a card. But when you want to make the effort and go that little bit extra, thinking of what they’ll like can be a pain in the backside. Trust me, it’s a pain in my backside year in, year out. For birthdays it’s hard enough, even if he’s hinted he wants something in particular, I still struggle to find the right thing. So Father’s Day is just a whole other scenario all together. But, I think I’ve finally hit the nail on the end this year as I got organised and started early. Well, earlier than one day before let’s put it that way.

My dad is one of those who says ‘oh don’t worry about me, please don’t get me anything’, kinda people, but of course, I do. I gotta. I love treating people, any excuse.

It is however one of those occasions some may not buy for, and I know some are iffy about Father’s Day gifts. Likewise, I used to only think of getting a card. But now I’m older, I like to treat my loved ones as much as I can and occasions like this are the perfect excuse. I love making any occasion special because let’s be honest, I love to celebrate. I do also love shopping for presents and I’m a real sucker for a good card, my friends will know.

So this year I’ve gathered together some of my top finds, ones I know many parents will love (and some I even wouldn’t mind myself).

First stop, some good old aftershave. Really, how can you go wrong?

My dad isn’t one for scents unless it’s to go out in the evening, so something like the Givenchy ‘Gentleman’* is perfect. Its intense scent is my dads kind of thing, as its long lasting and he loves the all the compliments he can get (true dad style). The full flavour is quite charismatic and very powerful, which is the best way to describe my father (not to toot his own horn). Its peppery rifts are perfectly complimented by the gentle aromatic lavender and black vanilla. Although it’s quite a heavy scent at first, its super light once it’s on the skin and still leaves a strong, bold smell. It seems to be oriental inspired with its aromatic notes, which is ideal for summer and is a smell that is very addictive.

For many I assume their first idea is alcohol, and I’m with you on that. My dad was once a whisky man, then beer but for some reason he has now turned to loving gin (I really don’t blame him). A classic bottle like this from Sipsmith* is such a catch as it’s one of those gins I believe everyone loves. (Describe the taste and what it goes best with). I’m pretty sure my dad will be chuffed to bits when he sees this. I think I might have to steal some for my G&T’s (don’t tell him).

Speaking of gin, why not a book all about it? I know, a fabulous idea right. This kind of present is great if you’re dad likes a bit of fun, likes to experiment in the kitchen or even just learn all about his favourite spirit. There are a whole variety of these, my favourites being the 101 gins and the cocktail one (obvs), but there are so many out there that I’m sure your dad will love.

If you’re daring or know what the heck you’re doing, then clothes is always such a great idea. I don’t know about you, but my dad is so lazy with clothes shopping. A.k.a. he likes people to do it for him. He isn’t too fussy with clothes, but a nice shirt or pair of shoes would make any dad smile. Last year my and my brother truly spoilt mine and got him an entire outfit. I guess we were trying to make him look fly. His favourite pieces are these Gel Lyte Iii dark green and orange Asics and a good ol’ Fred Perry shirt. As their children, we can at least help them in the wardrobe department, right? They really appreciate it, let me tell you.

If the above aren’t to your liking, or your fathers as a matter of fact, shop some more ideas here.

What is your go to Father’s Day gift?



* This post features PR samples *



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