Oh holiday, oh summer, oh sea and sand… where art thou?

Although it’s meant to be summer here in the UK, it is indeed (and once again) taking its time. We’ve had our good days and the not-so-good ones, but it’s coming… slowly… but, surely? Hopefully anyway.

All is well when the sun does decide to come and play and make us all in a great mood, but its nothing quite like being on holiday is it? I can’t quite fathom the same feeling here at home than I can lying around a pool, cocktail in hand and no worries in the world apart from what I’m going to eat next. Nothing quite like taking holiday snaps and good ol’ bikini pics (when they turn out good). My preference for holiday snaps is usually a lightweight camera, something easy to take on the go with me. I’m beomcing quite the camera nerd, having one on my shoulder at all times during a trip is something that’s become a habit, but why not when I can capture tropical seas or cityscapes? A camera with style like my PEN or one I’ve got my eye on at the minute is the Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera. A good camera to capture moments that I wish lasted forever is a must when on holiday. Don’t you agree?

For the past month or so I have had serious travelling fomo. Seeing others holiday snaps and watching peoples stories makes me want to be away again. Thankfully I have another getaway in the pipeline but until then, life will involve indulging in others holidays, getting inspired and most importantly, shopping for nothing other than swimwear, beachwear and all that good stuff.

I have piled together a few of my top frilly picks this year (some that I may have already purchased as I just couldn’t help myself). I don’t have a particular swimwear style but if it’s pretty and fits like a dream, then it has to be mine. I have to feel good in a bikini to want to purchase it, and below is a compilation of those that I think have got it right. Frills and all.

The thing with swimwear is, if it’s wrong then it’s really wrong. A bikini, swimming costume or sarong that can make you feel good will always be the one you reach for over others, right? I know in the past I’ve over-packed bikinis to come home and realised I’ve only worn a couple of them (always the couple that make me feel good). So this year I’m packing sure I feel good in all of my swimwear because I need to start making use of everything I take away with me, and stop being an over-packer. Yes, I am that person who always pack a million tops for a 7 day holiday.

This bikini I’m wearing here is from Debenhams, in their Dorothy Perkins department. As well as doing fun pieces, this range from Debenhams/Dorothy Perkins is unbelievably flattering and makes me feel good – the most important thing of all.

This set with its tropical paradise design and added frills and fun is perfect for lounging by the pool or even if you like a pretty one to wear on the beach or for anything you need a bikini for on holiday. When paired with the right accessories, it makes the set 10 times cuter – if that’s even possible. I paired this with the most adorable watermelon clutch and pink sliders to make the pink in the bikini pop, and it makes the perfect tropical swimwear look.

Oh holiday, please can you come sooner?


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* This post is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and my own *



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