Growing up and learning about yourself comes with many doubts, worries, concerns and many many many unexpected TMI moments. We’ve all been there, in a situation you find uncomfortable and a little hard to talk about, but when you finally open up and talk about it, you feel better for it right?

Throughout my teenage years I was always told to open up about any worries I had, especially when it concerned my health. I have been accustomed to just share my TMI stories as that’s how I was brought up. For me, it’s quite normal. Although that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I was always told by my parents to not be shy of being opening about concerns and worries, especially when it comes to your health. My mum always used to use my nanna’s famous words ‘if you don’t talk, there’s nobody to listen. If nobody can listen, then there will be nobody to help, so talk it all out and let someone listen’. This mantra (a very good once to say the least) taught me a lot. It’s something I grew up hearing and before I knew it, believing and doing.

I know when something happens in your life, emotionally, mentally, physically, it can be quite intimidating to talk about it, share it. Firstly, you think why is this happening to me? Secondly (once you’ve overcome the panic), you settle down and think “who is the right person to tell?”. For me, it was usually my mum or my best friend. I’m not own to be an open book to everyone in my life, I guess nobody is. When you have the select few people in your life you can talk to, the chosen ones, it’s easier to open up.


With the age of social media and being able to share and search when we want, this help and support can always be available in an instant.


A topic not discussed or thought appropriate and easy to discuss is intimate health. But this topic of discussion is one that everyone should be aware of. We’re all human and we all need to have that shoulder to rely on, whether physically or virtually.

Intimate health and the common issues that surround the topic are always an area some people struggle to share, discuss and talk about. We all know it’s not a topic many find easy to open up about, lets put it that way. But I ask myself, why not? We all know how important it is to have someone to talk to, right?

A common issue such as thrush is one you can get support and advice for online. Canesten*, a leading Thrush Treatment brand, have recently created a campaign to help us talk health.

Like anyone, you might have some questions about the topic. It is an issue many are aware of, but may not know enough about. So, let’s talk.

Disclaimer – I’m not going to apologise for TMI if you think this could be, as I don’t believe in that when it comes to health issues. We need to discuss.

What is thrush, you may ask?

Thrush is a common yeast infection (more commonly vaginal but it is common among males to), which is an inflammation of the intimate area.


How does it happen… you may ask?

Both fungus and bacteria naturally live in your intimate area, but when the fungus increases, it can cause thrush. This fungus may increase when your immune system is weak or when good bacteria can’t keep the fungus under control. There is no singular cause, it can come and go and it’s very easy to treat. Not so ‘scary’, right?


Why is it so important to discuss… you may ask?

It is a very common intimate health issue, with 3 in 4 women getting it once in their life. Thrush is common among females as well as males of all ages, so having this open space to discuss online is vital for getting help as and when you need it. By simply searching the hashtag #CanestenTalkHealth you can research, learn and most importantly discuss the issue at the touch of a button.

I’ve found that researching health issues online always resorts to me searching social media for advice and support. I don’t know why but that’s how it goes. Either that, or a quick text to a friend, but you can never guarantee an instant reply can you? I find social media a space I can rely on for information like this, especially if I don’t have someone there to instantly turn to in person.

I know how intimidating it can be to open up to someone face-to-face at first, so I find this to be such an important tool to have when you have questions or concerns about thrush. Take advantage and join in, just search or use the words #CanestenTalkHealth. It’s as simple as that. Lets all wave goodbye to the TMI stigma and shyness on the issue, shall we?



* This post has been supported by Canesten®, but all thoughts are my own *




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