Once upon a time (not so very long ago), I was a girl who chose the minimal option of a top, dress, playsuit, pair of shoes over the colourful one. If there were an option of a beautiful yellow, a bright red, pastel pink or black piece, I would choose black. I don’t know why, but I was a terrified to incorporate colour into my wardrobe. Playing it safe was my thing.

But, over the past few months I’ve started to introduce more colour into my wardrobe with everything from accessories, shoes and clothing and I am now questioning why I was once so terrified. I now pick the brighter, bolder more colourful options over my minimal pieces. Maybe blame that on the sunshine but I’m loving it, and my wardrobe is to.

The question is… how to not be scared of colour? Scared may seem an inappropriate term I know as after all, we are only speaking about clothes. But, it is true. I was scared to wear colour. I would always shy away from it and never feel comfortable walking out the door in anything but neutrals.

To be honest, I really don’t know how I overcome my ‘only wear neutral shades Meg because that’s all that suits you’ stage. Its just one of those things you have to bite the bullet with.

I bought this beautiful yellow dress a month or two ago when I was still in my ‘neutrals forever’ stage, thinking I’d wear it once and it never leave my wardrobe again. How wrong I was. Now here I am, having worn it a lot, and it is now my favourite piece I’ve bought in a while. Colourful clothes, come through.

Not only does this dress make me feel fab, it made me realise that maybe I do suit colour. I think the issue with wearing colour was realising that not every colour under the sun will suit me. Maybe in the past I just chose the wrong pieces and never tried hard enough to find colourful items that actually suited me, my skin tone and all that jazz.

I’ve found what works is going for a bold colour that you don’t have in your wardrobe, so a statement piece really, and work neutral accessories with it. Take for example this yellow dress. It’s a bold bright piece, yes, but I always wear neutral accessories to pair with it. Not only does this make me feel in my comfort zone, but it also means these neutral accessories will work with other bright, bold dresses/tops/whatever you fancy and hence, will make me want to try out more colourful pieces. Amen!


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Right, shall I stop rambling and get onto the good part… my top 15 favourite bold pieces for your wardrobe. from bright yellows (my favourite) to pinks and blues, here are some snazzy pieces that can jazz up any wardrobe.

What tickles your fancy?



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