I remember long ago, a time when a summer skincare routine wasn’t a thing for me. Oh how my skin loves the newfound ‘I love seasonal skincare’ me a heck of a lot more. When summer finally hit – and oh my, were we hit with that amazing heat wave – I was all up for trying out a new skincare routine. One bigger and better than before, until I realised all my skin wanted was a couple of products, not a whole load like my mind has planned. It worked out best for my bank balance as well as my skin and I think I’ve got it down to a T.

When the warmer days are upon us, the last thing you want to do is plaster your skin in heavy products. A couple of simple, lightweight products are my go to and is something I’ve found very beneficial for my time as well as my complexion. All I use now is a simple facial cleanser, an eye cream, a light moisturiser and I’m good to go. Sometimes I’ll spritz a facial spray (because who doesn’t love them in the summer?) but not all the time, and not always in my routine.

Although I’m using fewer products, I’m seeing this as a way that I’m treating myself. Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it as I’m not really using any indulgent products in my routine at the moment like masks and oils, but my skin feels pampered the less I use.

So the questions I imagine could arise right now are… (if I don’t cover the question in your mind, please feel free to pop a question in the comments!).

How do you give yourself a summer time pamper with fewer products?

What products are you using exactly?

Do you have any secrets?

Well, let me tell you my tips, favourite products and my go to pamper routine as that’s what you wanna know, right?

First off, let me tell you a little bit about my ‘complexion journey’ as this is what I believe has changed my skin for the better.

I haven’t worn foundation in over a year now (the year anniversary has just been, how cute) and my skin thanks me so much for that. I’m not telling you not to wear foundation, but I do believe a great skincare routine can make all the difference in your complexion and also your confidence. I used to think it was foundation that made me feel confident and good in my skin, when actually I feel so much more me and free with less makeup and a better skincare routine. Read my post here all about how and why I decided to be foundation-less.

Secondly, I have to thank the skincare products (cos lets face it, my skin wouldn’t be what it is without them). Like I said, I do only use a small handful of products and those are…

The Origins GinZing Eye Cream – aka the best thing to grace my under eye area. I use this only in the AM as instructed, and it works a dream for my morning puffiness. Once upon a time, nothing could tame it and it only got worse, now this little pot of magic works a treat and reduces it within a few minutes due to its cooling properties. It also has some kind of shimmer to it that seems to make my under eye glow and I’m all for it.

For my face I actually use an all-over moisturiser. I know, sounds a bit odd but, it works. My go-to, absolute holy grail, one and only, true love (yes I love it that much) is the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Spray. I use this all over my body and my face twice a day after a shower and first thing in the morning after washing my face and I can’t live without it.

Then sometimes, my face loves a lil facial mist. I am in between various facial mists and honestly never stick to the same one. If I’m wanting a glow or something to add dewiness in the middle of the day I’ll go with my PIXI Beauty Glow Mist or if I want something soothing and relaxing I’ll go with my all time favourite, Mario Badescu’s Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea Mist. There are so many out there for different skin types and propertires, so I like to mix it up depending on what my skin needs. I’m currently in the process of making my own facial mist after getting inspiration from this article, all about how to make your own. Quite fancy, I know.

Just three products and I’m good to go. Quick, easy and simple. My skin loves it and what better way than to pamper yourself than with those products your skin actually loves?

I used to be in a vicious cycle with spots, blemishes and whatnot when I was trying to use as many products as possible. I used to try and live up to the ‘beauty standards’ and stick to a skincare routine that involved it all. The eye creams, cleansers, scrubs, masks, serums, oils – the lot basically. Now with just a simple routine, my skin has never been clearer and loved me more. Summer skincare, I love you.

What are your favourite summer skincare products? Does your routine get fewer during the warmer months to?



* This post is a sponsored collaboration, but all opinions are honest and my own*



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