Interior design is always judged on what you can see first, right? You can spot a mile off a good interior, its unique bits and pieces and overall theme. It’s easy to judge an interior based on what it looks like, but not always what it feels like. As much as I love a good interior, minimalistic, fun, bright, filled with green plants and all of that good stuff, what’s most important is… is it comfortable? Is it cosy?

As much as an interior can look good, it doesn’t mean it feels good. A perfect interior is one that can deliver both factors, the feel good and the look good. I love my spaces to feel warming and welcome, although I do love my barely there interior. I love my large furnishings to be cosy and fitting with the interior. I find that it is those larger furnishings are never the centre of attention. The sofas, chairs and beds are always there for practicality and not considered or cared for as much as say, the picture frames and pretty accessories. But, lets just say, the bed has sure been the centre of attention under our roof for the past month or so. Before you jump to conclusions…

Welcome Leesa, our new mattress and my new haven.

Restless sleeps occurred way too often for me, especially when the nights started to warm up. Tossing and turning was once an issue, an endless issue in fact. I never once slept all the way through and blamed that on my well-being, and myself i.e. not taking the right evening routine before getting some shuteye. I thought the issue was my phone and scrolling Instagram until the minute I decided to sleep, but little did I know it was the mattress itself that was the problem. The problem that has now been (very happily) waved goodbye to.

Never before have I felt a proper body-moulding mattress until now. You know those ones you hear about, dream about, but can never actually experience in your own home. You know those ones that you can find in a hotel room but not for yourself. Those mattresses that make you want to stay on vacation forever just because you’ve been sleeping so darn good. Well, those dreams have come true (real dreams and all… in my own home. It’s bliss).

Before working out that my old mattress was clearly no good, I never considered getting a new one. I went for bed frame over mattress when I bought my bed for the main bedroom, and how silly I was. The bed frame isn’t exactly what provides comfort is it? Although I do love it, I now love the new mattress even more. Not only does it mean I get a good nights sleep, I get to be even comfier watching a whole lot of Netflix, whilst consuming my body weight in tea and biscuits. Sounds like pure bliss doesn’t it? Well, it is. My well-being is sure being looked after, as is my body. No more neck aches or back pains after tossing and turning all night that’s for sure. Instead, I wake up feeling a lot more alive and ready for the day.

So, what is so darn brilliant about the Leesa mattress? What makes it different? Let me tell you.

The mattresses are made up of 3 foam layers, which adjust to your body to offer the finest support and comfort. The Leesa mattress gets rid of the drawbacks of traditional memory foam mattresses such as overheating at night and leaving long-lasting dips that are difficult to roll out of. I tell you, these hot nights haven’t been an issue thus far. Sleeping has been at full potential (getting solid 7-8 hour sleeps, instead of waking up throughout the night) and my body feels a lot better for it – even Ollie agrees. We couldn’t believe how good we felt after the first nights sleep, and over a month later we are just as impressed (and even more in love).

Leesa operate exclusively online and offer a 100-night risk-free trial period. I know, how incredible. This means that if it isn’t working out for you at any point in the first 100 nights of receiving the mattress, all you have to do is get in touch with them and they arrange for the mattress to be collected and donated through a charitable organisation. Giving back is also built into the company’s DNA, as they donate one mattress to charitable causes, for every ten sold.

Not only am I sleeping better, I literally cannot wait to dive in at night. Our entire bedroom feels different, more cosier I suppose, since having the Leesa mattress in our life.

Also, setting it up is fuss-free. You simply unbox the mattress in the desired room, put into position on the bed, unwrap the packaging and leave it to expand. After 1 hour the mattress begins to expand and 24 hours later, it fully expands to its full potential, depth and glorious self. Sound good? Here’s something for you.

Want to create a dreamland haven of your own in your bedroom? Shop the Leesa mattresses here (they come in all sizes, both for UK and EU beds) and get £100 off by using the code LIFEWITHMCM. Sleepless nights be gone!



* This post is a sponsored collaboration with Leesa. All opinions are 100% honest and my own *





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