Hello, hi. It’s been a while.

I’m back with a fashion post, one I’ve been so excited to write. Not because of the changing seasons (yes I love autumn but I will cry a little once summer has well and truly vanished) but because I’m just thrilled that there are so many fashion pieces I can transition into AW without blinking an eyelid. I had a sudden thought – or pure panic should I admit call that – that all the pieces I’ve been buying for summer wouldn’t see me through to autumn/winter, but how wrong was I? Oh, let me tell you.

I must admit, although I do love summer dresses and cute sandals, I am excited to throw on some cosy knits and boots. A/W is a season I’m never quite ready for because it kind of hits us all of a sudden in the UK. The cold mornings and darker evenings creep up behind you and then BAM, the warmth and after work pub garden drinks are out of the window. Before you know it you’re cooped up inside under blankets, drinking tea and watching films. I won’t be complaining lets put it that way.

I like to embrace each and every season, and this time I’m very excited to be more prepared for A/W than I have ever been. I’ve been hunting the shops early for pieces that will suit the colder months and I’ve also been sorting out my wardrobe to see what’s hot and what’s not for transitioning into A/W.

I am quite the accessories girl. I much prefer shopping for accessories before I shop clothes, and I’ve collated all of my summer bits and (sadly) put them away in preparation for all of the new and current A/W accessories to take their place.

Today we are talking sunglasses. The moment the sun makes an appearance at the end of spring, I start buying sunglasses relentlessly. Yep, I’ve done it again. I’ve bought too many. I mean, a human only has one head so why on earth does one need a million pairs of sunglasses? My answer is… why not?

I may have bought some that are in fact, hideous, but I’ve learned my lesson and had a clear-out post holiday to lessen my ever-growing collection. So, here are the ones I’m left with that will be sure to make an appearance in A/W. Yes, I do wear glasses when it’s cold. If the sun is out, then so are my sunnies. Crisp mornings and A/W sun, come at me.

My most recent purchase are these absolute beauties from Dior – called the Dior Dior Soft 2’s. These are my first ever pair of high-end sunglasses and I just couldn’t resist. I was at World Duty Free about to board my flight and had been kindly gifted some vouchers so I thought why the heck not? I put them on and got the instant urge so, here they are. As I mentioned, I purchase way too many pairs of sunglasses and I only have one head. So, now that I have the perfect pair, hopefully this will teach me I don’t need anymore. They are very comfortable, super classy and go with so many outfits. A successful purchase? I think so.

The next few are my go-to cat eye sunnies. During summer if I saw a pair of cat eyes in a shop, I would probably try them on. I don’t know what it is about this style but they make you feel like bit… sassier. There are so many styles, colours and sizes it was hard to whittle down my favourites but these two saw me through summer, so I’m sure they’ll see me through the next few months.

I have a small collection of colourful glasses, but they are now sadly put away until next summer… tears up.

For now, these sunnies will do me just fine.

What pieces are you excited to transition into your AW style?

M x




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