Whether you’re into fitness or not, the whole idea of going to a class or even the gym on your own can be quite daunting, cant it? I know when I joined my new gym it took me a while to get used to the equipment, the environment and the routine. Then, it was time to book myself a class and make use of what is included in my monthly gym membership. I didn’t get in the swing of going to classes very often as firstly, I had to book at reception and either 1) missed the chance and it was fully booked or 2) completely forgot.

Now, with the Esquared app, it’s pretty impossible to do those mistakes. For one, its on your phone and is free, so there’s really no excuse to download it and have it at the tip of your fingers. Secondly, there is such a wide variety of classes so there is something for everyone, no matter your fitness level or class preference. Esquared is a fitness gym-class booking app that allows you to book on demand classes across London without needing a membership.

What’s so handy about the app is there are no catches, no membership fees and no real commitment. You can choose and book gym classes as you please with no real pressure.

I wasn’t into classes before this I have to admit. I hated feeling the pressure from my own gym membership. I never got to book the classes I wanted to or when I did it was a lot of faff without the ease of an app. So, without that catch it is so easy to pick and choose as I wish to. There are also so many more classes tailored to me and my preferences. Having much more variety is helping me become familiar with new fitness class trends and also makes me more comfortable in trying new things.

That’s one thing I found difficult with classes at my gym and my gym only, there were only a set amount of classes and they couldn’t cater for everyone. However, on the Esquared app, there are all types of classes from Yoga, HIIT, Dance, Spinning and Aqua to Floor Work, Boxing and more. Now I can join my go-to yoga classes as well as trying new and different fitness classes. So for my first class I tried yoga (I couldn’t not) and next up on my ‘bite the bullet and try it’ list is boxing and I can’t wait to give it a go. I could be terrible, but I could be great. I’ll never know until I try.

For my first class booked on the Esquared app, I wanted to go for something I practice a lot and also one that wasn’t overly strenuous so I went for the Yoga Flow class at FLY LDN. If you’re into yoga, barre and/or pilates and consider yourself a Yogi or not, this studio will be for you. I’ve practiced yoga at a few different spaces and each and every class is different, so it was interesting to try my first one on a lunchtime slot in London. I’ve been told the classes during this time can be very on-demand but the Esqaured app allowed me book quite a way in advance so I could secure my slot by just the click of a button.

FLY LDN is not only a beautiful ‘non-Yogi studio’, the facilities, classes and teachers are all wonderful. From the moment I stepped through the door I felt welcomed, was given an introduction the two 2 studios, shown to the changing rooms and was told all about what to expect before being shown to studio 2 (the yoga studio) in preparation for my 45-minute flow yoga class. The space is very clean with minimalistic modern interior. The moment I stepped through the door I was like yes, this is a bit of me.

The class began with deep stretching and calming music before getting into the 45-minute flow workout. The class focused on core strength and back stretching and the teacher guided us through with the most relaxing music. I need that playlist. The class was challenging for the core but with a mix of deep stretching and toning exercises, it was the perfect class for a mid-week lunchtime.

Once the class was over I got to speak to the teacher about your yoga practice and the upcoming classes. She was even lovely enough to take a few snaps for me. So if you’re worried about attending a class on your own, don’t be. Teachers are always so welcoming and at a venue like FLY LDN, the work as a community to welcome all, of any level, shape, size or gender.

The classes are £10-20 and very good value for money. The quality of the facilities, teachers and classes are of an extremely high standard. So much so, I am already booked in for another class there. I’ve booked in for the low-impact pilates class.

Seriously, this app is getting me into all kinds of fitness trends and I’m all for it.

As well as London, they also have a classes for a few venues outside of the city in surrounding areas such as Stansted and Hertford. There are so many venues to choose from, so they are very accessible for anyone living, visiting or travelling to London and its surrounding areas.

You can download the ESquared app free from the Apple and Google stores.

If you’d like a free £20 to book your first class (or few), use the code MMCCOIG19775 to get your credit!

What kind of fitness class would you book in to?

M x


* This post is a sponsored collaboration with the Esquared fitness app. All opinions are 100% honest and my own *



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