When it comes to makeup and my routine, brows and lashes are always my top priority. If I don’t have time to do my makeup at all, then brows it is. I always like to maintain and groom my brows with regular threading, but the finished looked and style of my brows always comes down to the products.

HD Brows have a whole line of amazing brow products and have done for so many years, but recently they launched their 4 hero products in 3 new shades meaning there is now a total of 6! Yes, 6 shades, 24 products. There is now no reason for brows to leave the house uncared for. They have everything from the quick fix products to slow and precise.

The 3 original shades for this hero range are Bombshell (light blonde), Foxy (warm brown, all skin tones) and Vamp (dark brown). All of which are versatile and easy to use. However, the 3 new shades take the range to a whole new level and the shades are as follows:

Smoke that is for ash toned brows, or those with pastel hair. Also great for those who like light cool toned brows.

Siren is a shade for red heads. Whether you’re carrot, red, auburn or ember, this is for you.

Raven is a deep black colour and cool toned dark brows. The darkest shade yet and perfect for those who like a power brow.

When viewing the shades and trying to find out what my shade was, it was pretty fool-proof. Not only do the shade have accurate descriptions, they make it so easy to decide which shade will suit you.

Picking my shade was super easy. I thought I’d be ‘umming and ahhing’ for sometime as 1) I’m so indecisive and 2) I’ve recently dyed my hair a darker shade of brown, so I could’ve been between two but in fact, my shade was very simple to find. As my hair is dark brown and not quite black, I knew the shade Vamp would be for me instead of Raven. I also have a warm skin tone and the shade description for Vamp matched me perfectly. I like my brows fluffy and natural looking so I knew Vamp would be a better choice. However, for those days I do want a power brow, I know Raven will cater for my needs. The shade range really is suited to each and every skin, hair and brow tone, so it’s pretty easy to narrow down the right shade for you.

Shade picked, it’s on to grooming, shaping and perfecting your brows.

Again, depending on your brow preference, the product description is accurate to a T. I knew I’d need two products as that’s always how I do my brows. Having just two products makes the process quick and easy for everyday. However, I do add in more steps for the days I wear more makeup.

So when it came to choosing what I’d need, I knew I would want a product with a spoolie, so the BrowTec was my first choice. For the second, the Brow ColourFix was a must, as I simply can’t leave the house without brow gel.

The way I do my brows always depends on how long I’ve got to be honest and my favourite type of brow is fluffy, arched and natural and here is my favourite way to achieve that.

Step one – brush, fluff and define

I always go in with a spoolie to brush through my brows. With the BrowTec, a spoolie comes attached so I use that and then go in with the ultra-slim pencil to define and fill my brows. I then brush through them again and add what I need to for fullness or to those sparser areas. The BrowTec is great for those who like fool-proof products, as the pencil comes in a waxy formula that makes defining the brows a simple process and has amazing staying power.

Step two – set and volumnise

For those days I want it quick and easy, I then finish my brows with the ColourFix and I’m good to go. This is a brush on tinted brow gel that adds depth to the brow but also sets them in place for all day wear. This is also great on its own if you’re in a hurry or want very natural but there brows.

For the more ‘power brow’ kind of days

Step three – fill and darken

For the days I want a little more definition or fullness to my brows, I go in with the Brow Define to fill in the centre of my brow and add more definition to the ends with its ultra fine tip. This hero product features a built-in sharpener, so it’s great to have in your makeup bags for those times of need.

Step four – precision is key

The other hero product is their Brow Crème, which is a product I reach for when I want a stronger, more precise brow. This is a your classic brow pomade that is for those who go for the fuller brow. It applies like a cream and sets like a powder, so it doesn’t budge or smudge all day.



A hero range with all the shades you need. Now there’s really no excuse not to have fabulous brows. Shop the products here.

What product would be your hero?

M x


* This post is sponsored by HD Brows, all opinions and 100% honest and my own *



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