2019: The Year For More TLC

spa day in London

Hello you, it’s been a while.

I’m back writing and jheez, it feels good.

2019 is the year for me, the year for you, the year for more TLC. If I start the year with some rules written down online (an important message/reminder to you as much as it is for me), maybe I’ll stick to them for longer than a week.

It’s now that time of year when everything has settled down after the manic season, at home, in the office, in your head *at last*. No matter what season it is, we all need a little TLC now and again. I find when the festive season is approaching we turn on our ‘put everything and everyone else first head’ and forget about our wellbeing and ourselves. So, hello 2019 and hello more TLC.

We just don’t give ourselves enough time to recuperate and ‘zen-out’ during the most hectic time of the year, aka Christmas. This year however, I’m telling you to do so. Give yourself some TLC. Even a few hours at the weekend where you should be doing the house chores or ticking off your to-do list, I’m telling you to put that aside and book yourself in time you time. 

I recently discovered a whole new world of spa treatments when I visited the lovely little salon Ella Di Rocco in London. When I think of spa treatments I think of the back massages, the facials and the relaxing music. I never think beyond that and to be honest, many spas don’t either. However, this little gem in South West London has all of the above and much more. 

spa treatment

When being booked in for the treatment I had no idea what to expect. Even when I arrived at the spa, was shown to the room and told what the treatment is all about, I still didn’t know what to expect. You never really do until you’re in the moment, do you? 

Ella Di Rocco is a Wellness Medispa based on Fuham Road. It is a place of wellbeing, mind & peace. Its small but beautiful spa is full of life with its friendly staff, full of light with its gorgeous interior and full of harmony with its calming atmosphere and treatments.

I was booked in for a treatment in their Wine Spa. Wine… spa… yes I know, sounds strange doesn’t it. Let me just say, there really isn’t nothing strange about it. It’s quite the opposite actually and quite incredible (and full of wine, might I add). 

Yes, the treatment really does involve wine, of the alcoholic kind. 

The Wine Therapy is a relaxing therapy with all kind of benefits for your skin from anti-aging to hydration and freshness. The wine works to refresh your skin and make it your-skin-but-better. The treatment and the wine itself have antioxidant properties that is described as a therapy that brings your skin back to life and more youthful. It’s called the “elixir of youth” therapy, and that, it is. I came out of the treatment feeling lighter, refreshed and so invigorated. For city dwellers, it is great to clear all of the toxins in your skin and your mind. I spent the afternoon in the city after and I’ve never felt so fresh. I left the oils on as suggested and I’m so glad I did. My skin felt hydrated and soft for a very long time, even after spending the day running errands and being surrounded by the city smog and rush.

The treatment began with a foot soak, a herbal tea, a fluffy robe and a glass of red wine. It was 10.30am and I wasn’t saying no. After the foot soak and feeling very zen, it was time for the first step, the Merlot Body Scrub. This scrub is what relaxes your body, prepares your skin and invigorates your senses in preparation for the bath and massage. 

During the scrub, the masseuse exfoliates your body with the scrumptious smelling scrub blended and scented with red vine leaves, which is also mixed with 50/50 Sangiovese and Merlot grapes picked from vineyards in Italy. It really preps and readies the skin for the next steps of the Wine Therapy treatment. Exfoliated from head to toe, it’s time for the most exciting part, the Sangiovese Bath (a.k.a. a bathtub full of wine, flowers and beauty goodness).  

For the bath, you are given disposable underwear to pop on so don’t go worrying you will have to sit there in the nude… unless you wanted to. The gorgeous deep white tub is filled hot bubbling water and is then mixed with blend of grape juice, detox powder, grape seed extract, yeast, petals and the best part… 2 entire bottles of Merlot. Not only is the bath steaming to soak of the scrub, it is so calming and de-stressing as it invigorates your senses and leaves you feeling superzen. 

After 15 minutes or so had passed by, the masseuse came back into the room to let me know it was time for my massage. 

To finish off with a massage was just a dream to be quite honest. It was again a blend of Merlot grape seed in the massage oil, which left me smelling very fruity and fresh indeed. The masseuse focused on the areas I felt needed to be de-stressed and after 45-minutes I was kindly awakened to feeling like jelly. My shoulders were no longer tense, and I didn’t want to move off of that bed. If only I could get that kind of de-stress time every day. I’ll certainly be back for it.  

This treatment is available for 1 or 2 people. So, whether you’re looking for some relaxing alone time or to spend some quality time with a loved one, this is the treatment I’d recommend.

A bit of wine, one heck of a treatment and the perfect way to get some well-deserved TLC. Head to the Ella Di Rocco site here to find out more about their Wine Therapy and other treatments they have on offer. 

Would you be interested in Wine Therapy?

Also, Happy New Year beautiful people.

M x



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