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When I was growing up, I always dreamed of the day I could wear fancy heels whenever and wherever I wanted to. Fast forward to 2019 and the age of 23, I pretty much can do just that (when the occasion is appropriate and yes, it is appropriate to where them in the house in your pj’s whilst cooking dinner). Also, whilst growing up, I never pictured having a fancy Sex and the City style walk-in wardrobe full of clothes (although that would be fabulous). Instead I was realistic and desired a capsule wardrobe with seasonal items that I can wear with so many outfits. 

In my 23 years of life, I have grown into an excessive shoe and accessory fiend and always shop for shoes over trousers, bags over coats and jewellery over tops. Don’t ask why, but I just have a thing for shoes and all things accessories. Maybe I was destined for the Sex and the City lifestyle – who knows. I wouldn’t mind a walk-in wardrobe of shoes, that’s for sure. 

But for now, I’m space-saving and finally working on my capsule wardrobe so I thought it was about time I found my capsule pair of heels. I did always admire SJP when she rocked her endless shoedrobe. I was looking for a neutral pair, ones that I can wear them with 99% of my outfits and also an investment pair that are comfortable whilst being timeless. 

* This is a post is in collaboration with Ravel, all opinions are 100% honest and my own *

ravel footwear

Then, these babies from Ravel were dropped on my doorstep and my SJP moment finally happened. The golden light moment happened when I opened the box, tried them on and pranced around the house for hours wearing them. Before I realised, it was 3pm in the afternoon (they arrived at 11.30am) and I was still in my dressing gown, no makeup, bed hair and fabulous heels, I knew I’d found thepair. I did warn you that I’m a crazy shoe lady. 

A black pair of heels can’t fault anyone, so I knew I was in for the win with the Edson Mesh heel in black from Ravel. They are a medium heel height, super comfortable and so flattering for your legs – they lengthen them like no tomorrow. As they are built up of soft mesh material, it also means your feet can breathe which is ideal if you are wearing them for a long event or evening out. I walked around for hours in these for events and I had no complaints – unusual for moaning Meg and her tired feet. 

My favourite way to style these court heels are with a tailored pair of trousers, as shown here, or with an A-line skirt/dress as they make your legs look incredibly long with no effort on your part. The shoes do it all for you. It’s heaven. 

The brand also lets you live your shoedrobe SJP dreams whilst not breaking the bank. I used to believe you had to spend a lot for a pair of shoes to be so dreamy, comfortable, wearable and effortless, all whilst fitting into your capsule wardrobe. But Ravel, you’ve proved that wrong and I thank you for creating budget friendly luxury shoes to fulfil my shoe obsession. 

Shop the heels and more of Ravel footwear here

What capsule shoes are your favourite? Any SJP inspired?

M x 



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