There’s nothing I love more than changing up my wardrobe for the seasons. Although I’m a sun fiend and love all things sun dresses and cute crop tops, I am a winter baby at heart. Come Winter, I am all for the snuggly coats, cosy jumpers and boots. Now that we are in the midst of the freezing cold months (snow and all) there is always room for a few more cosy items in your wardrobe. Layers on layers is the way to dress for the first few months of 2019 and what better way than to look cute whilst doing so. The struggle is real trying to find the right textures, tones and colours when layering. 

I’ve had a huge crush on coats this season. I have bought way more than I (and my wardrobe) anticipated, but I just can’t help myself. The beautiful fluffy trucker jackets and longline coats are hard to resist, especially when you actually need *not just want* them. 

Cosy-up winter style is my favourite when we’re talking coat, jackets and knits. I love top half styling way more than the jeans and thick trousers that come with winter (I love skirts and dresses but the winter won’t allow it). I love investing in new, on-trend pieces for new seasons and I don’t necessarily like to break the bank. With brands like Fashion World*, the cosy-up winter style wardrobe is made accessible with on-trend items from snug coats, tailored jackets and cosy neon knits that are also affordable.

First things first – let’s talk coats, shall we? Like I say, it’s hard to stop me buying new coats. I don’t necessarily need more but when I find one even warmer than the one I just purchased, I’ll want it. Anything that’ll keep this cold girl warm is mine. I’ve lived throughout many winters not buying new coats and what a silly person I was. Coats are an investment and I’ve found a fair few that aren’t only beautiful on the outside but will keep you warm and snug. I like to layer underneath my coats with knits and even light jackets or blazers. I always try my best to layer up as much as I can depending on the temperature. Whether that be chunky jumpers or blazers, I’ve covered it all. Layered dressing is essential.

Another thing, when choosing items for this wishlist I tried my best to find share some coats that aren’t just neutrals. BUT, neutral coats are my go to. They go with everything and are the best investment to get the most wear year in, year out.

For jackets I tend to mix up patterns, colours and textures a bit more. I like to play with colour when it comes to the lighter layers. It can make the whole outfit look fun if you wear it underneath a coat for extra warmth with a small bit of show, or on its own on more mild days (which I wish more for). 

I do love to invest more of my style on coats, but jackets are my go-to when I’m at events, meals out and anywhere that isn’t outside for a long time. Blazers are my favourite type of jacket by far. You can wear them as a full suit, mix and match suit, with jeans, skirts, dresses. Yep, so many ways. Hence why I love them so much. 

I’ve definitely purchased more blazers than standard jackets this season. Blazers are so on trend for this season and also the upcoming SS19, they’re effortless and let’s face it, I can’t justify an obsession with both cuddly coats and jackets. I had to pick something in between. Whether you like to style your blazers with matching trousers, jeans, skirts or whatever you fancy, these picks are pretty safe in that they’ll match a bit of everything.  

Ahead of the winter months, I already had a pretty big selection of jumpers from the previous season. Although they were light knits, they could be incorporated into my winter wardrobe. They are easy to wear when layered up and that’s what I love about knitwear. You can wear jumpers, knit jumper and cardigans all year round and it’s easy to incorporate them into so many styles. Winter knits are a bit cosier than those you can wear for other seasons, but I am so happy that knitted dresses have stayed for the season, which is a piece you can wear seasonally. They’re so easy to wear with tights or bare legs and boots, if you like to take the risk. I certainly do, as long as I’ve got a warm coat and winter accessories. 

 Or, if you like knitted jumpers and cosy cardigans, here are my top picks for that style to. I love to incorporate even more colour in this section. Colourful knits are easy to play with and pair with either neutral or colourful bottoms. The neon trend is back for SS19 and I’m so excited by the cardigan I found on Fashion World. Give me all the neon.

Ready to get cosy with me? You can shop the rest of the Fashion World snuggly coats here

* This post in collaboration with Fashion World, all reviews and opinions are 100% honest and my own *

M x 



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