With Valentine’s Day approaching and it being an occasion for dress up or dress down, I thought why not go all out this year and make myself feel good, for me. 2019 is the year for selfishness and all, so I wanted to the chance to dress up this Valentine’s, even if I’m not leaving the house. Although I am a fan of the occasion, it’s really no biggie. After all, we should appreciate, love and cherish our partners all year around, not just for one single day, but every day. Right? We shouldn’t use this one occasion to show to our loved ones how much we appreciate them, that should be an everyday thing. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of the occasion and dress up in a nice dress and fancy heels, for me.

I like taking advantage of Valentine’s Day, I can’t lie. I’m all for having one night off and making a thing of it. With a bottle of nice wine and all the food I can eat with the people that I love is heaven to my ears. It’s a chance to wind down and I really appreciate it for that exactreason. I like understated events for any occasion, so a pizza night indoors with a movie is exactly how I intend to spend this year’s day of loooove, in my glad rags and all. 

Valentine’s is a time of year for all outfits, from sophisticated dresses to cute lingerie, or even your most-worn mismatch tea-stained covered PJ’s and fluffy socks. It really doesn’t have to be glamorous, unless youwant it to be. Whatever way you spend Valentine’s, whether it be with your partner, your friends, or even not celebrating it all but still fancy a chance to get glam then I have just the thing (or two) for you. 

* This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery *

I’m the kind of girl who would happily get dressed up with fancy heels for the most basic of occasions. I’m even partial to prancing around in new heels and a dressing gown singing to Lana Del Rey, but let’s keep that between us shall we. If I’ve been in a work slump or haven’t bothered making an effort for a good while, I do love the excuse to do something for me. If that means curling my hair, slipping into a flattering dress and putting on some fancy lippie for a night in making drinks and pizza at home, then so be it. If it makes me feel good, then I’m taking full advantage. I don’t dress up often, if at all, so this one chance is one I’m taking advantage of. I mean, self-love and all that. 

For dress up dates I usually go with bodycon dresses over lose fit dresses. There’s something about a bodycon dress that makes me feel like I’ve been a super effort when I really haven’t. you just throw it on with some cute shoes and earrings, and within a few minutes you feel like a new human.  

I like to keep it sophisticated with the colours, length and cut of a date night/dress up dress, as you can see the mid length and sleek cut is probably my go to. There’s nothing quite like a figure-hugging dress when you want to dress up for any occasion (yep, even for my night in with pizza). I do like to live my true Sex and the City moments, inside or outside. If I can pretend to be SJP for an evening, then so be it. These two pieces from Femme Luxe Finery feel incredibly supreme for a very bank-balance-friendly price. Not only do they fit like a glove, they make you feel incredible and the material is so flattering. The designs and cuts for these pieces are so understated with a touch of class and I can’t wait to prance around the house on Valentine’s in one and for drinks with the girls for Galentine’s in the other. 

Femme Luxe Finery also stock the cutest tops, co-ords and lounge sets that are flattering in the best kind of way. Also the perfect Valentine’s/date night alternatives if you fancy something a little different.

You can shop the pieces here. The mini dresses are super cute and I’m head over heels with the midis.

What is your go to dress up for a dress down occasion outfit?

Also, let me know your Valentine’s plans. If you’re in with a pizza and a bottle of vino like me, I don’t blame you (dressed to the nines or not).

M x 



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