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Welcome back to the blog and a brand spanking new post. Not just any post, but a beauty post. Yep thats right, the beauty posts are back (for good I hope). A personal, witty, open and honest post about my blog, my life and myself is in the pipeline, so stay tuned. But for now, let’s get into a post I’ve been so excited to share with you. 

What is today’s hot topic, you might ask?

Today, it’s all about skincare because if I’m honest, I’m into skincare way more than I was when I first started here in 2014. I didn’t really get what skin type I was, or what was good/bad for my skin. I was a real newbie back then and I’m still learning. But now I’m a bit older, a bit wiser and sure of what I love, I’m happy to start sharing again. Oh beauty rambles, I’ve missed you.

Like I say, I’ve been *trying my best to* take good care of my skin. I only recently realised how important your body care is as well as your face and I’ve taken it upon myself to try out a new body care routine. Low and behold, it’s working a treat. 

The brand? Bean Body

Where can you purchase? BeanBody online, Debenhams and Holland & Barrett

The price range? £9.99 – £20

Would I recommend? Let me tell you…

Bean Body is a brand I saw around online for a few months but for years I’ve wanted to try out a refined, affordable but luxurious coffee scrub that actually works. I tried a few in the past that yes, left me with soft fresh scented skin but didn’t really improve texture and never showed long-lasting results. After using Bean Body products for over 6 weeks, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin, especially in areas of concern. My skin appears smoother, always soft and glowing but most importantly… my once obvious (to me at least) skin blemishes and blackheads have settled down. 

My skin has always been pretty kind to me I must admit, but small concerns have affected me during the past few years. I have high pigmentation in some areas and the 2-3 times a week routine with the Bean Body scrubs followed by the balm really have settled down the pigment and made me feel a lot more comfortable. 

Personal body preferences are quite a hot topic, even down to the fine details. For me, having a couple of beauty products that I can use just a couple/few times a week but give me lasting results is so important. Skincare is my number one priority now that I’m in twenties. It’s best to start early hey.

The range includes coffee scrubs, exfoliants and balms. The Coconut Coffee Scrub is my favourite smelling beauty product of the moment (sorry much loved Mango shower gel), and I use this in the bath or the shower 2-3 times a week all over my body. I then follow this with the Bean Body Body Balm in the Vanilla Bean scent – this mix is a dream. For the ultimate vanilla scented skin (if that’s you’re kinda thing), they also have a Vanilla Scrub. I do switch it up from time to time as I never ever want to run out of the Coconut Scrub. I’ve hardly made a dent in the packet after 6 weeks just FYI – long lasting product and long lasting results.

Bean Body are a brand who are proud to be natural, as am I that I use them. 

Their skin-loving scrubs use the highest quality ingredients, including cold pressed coconut oil blended with naturally sourced Arabica coffee beans that work to exfoliate and cleanse. The multi-tasking ingredients really do show after just a few uses. A combination of these ingredients can help and benefit dry skin, cellulite, eczema, age spots, stretch marks, blackheads, skin blemishes, acne and breakouts.

Knowing that the range uses all natural ingredients is extremely beneficial in my new beauty routine as I am trying my hardest to use all natural products. The brand has made my life that bit easier. 

I tend to use these scrubs in my morning routine as they are kind to skin and don’t leave any redness from exfoliation as they are super gentle. As I say, I use this in the bath or shower and leave it on for a few minutes whilst washing my hair or singing into the shower head (more likely the latter) then wash off and pat my skin dry once I’m out of the shower. I then follow with a few pumps of the Body Balm and begin my day. I love how the balm sinks into your skin almost instantly as it means I don’t have to faff and dance around waiting for it to dry. 

Body care routine now accomplished and mastered, resulting in better skin. Next stop, mastering my facial skincare routine – stay tuned!

What is your experience with coffee scrubs?

M x



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