It’s 11am on a Wednesday morning and I’m sitting in Starbucks for the third time this week. This is my usualwork spot, having a found new obsession with Iced Matcha Green Tea Lattes thanks to its damn good taste and summer being just around the corner. The iced Starbuck drinks have been a quick comeback into my life. It’s also the only place walking distance from my house that’s relaxing enough to work. Aside from the regular crying babies and beeping of the coffee machines, it’s my haven for getting shit done.  

If you’re new here or a regular reader, I thought I’d mention that I’ve been away for a while. I decided to shove my foot up my backside and get back to it after getting my blog redone. 

The little yet much needed refresh of my online space gave me a much bigger and unexpected refresh in my mental space. New ideas and thoughts started rolling in like no tomorrow and now I have a list as long as my arm, maybe longer, of what I want to create and do with my online space. Which is fab, but also means I need this burst of energy to stay and not wander off without telling me again.  

I want to do things for me and my wellbeing, all at the same time as making entertaining and fun content. Gone are the days of being consistent with my blog and writing as let’s face it, whose life is ever consistent and timely these days? Maybe you’ve got the consistent or the timely part sussed and down to a T, but I’m sure the majority are with me and agree that they’ve not sussed either or.  

The mid 20’s is definitely a point in life that sounds like the teacups at your local fayre, but let me tell you, it’s more like riding Stealth at Thorpe Park and it rolling backwards all the time when you reach the tipping point to re-join earth.  

It’s been a long time coming getting my mojo back. I’ve lacked in the area of creativity and having a clear headspace to write content has been non-existent. It has been frustrating and I’ve had a few cross tears with myself for not getting to it and creating all the things I’ve been noting down every day. But ladies and gents, we all know that when you can’t get out of a funk, you need to give yourself space and time. I finally hit the hammer on the head when I was telling my mum all the things I’ve got on. She looked at me with complete concern (as mums do best) and my smile soon turned into a tear or two. I’d realised that taking too much on at the beginning of the year was me, yet again, taking life one step too far and a little too serious. I needed some fun and some me time to get my creative streak back. The thing with me is that I don’t realise it’s an issue until I feel completely overwhelmed and in a black hole of exhaustion. 

Alas, the black hole of exhaustion is looking a little more like a pretty green meadow thanks to giving myself space and the sun making an appearance. I can always rely on the summer to make me feel goooood.  

My word, it feels like a refreshing tapping away on my keyboard again, spilling my thoughts down onto a blank page.  

For a few weeks now, I’ve been opening my laptop and staring into the screen, not being able to get anything out. All the words would accumulate in my head but getting them down on the page was impossible. Literally impossible.  

But, I’m here. I’m back. Hopefully this time I won’t go anywhere too soon. Hopefully I stay on top of it and on top of my feelings. Overdoing it led to overwhelm, and I soon (but almost a little too late) realised that we’re only human and we can only do so much.  

Ta for listening to my rambles. If you’ve got anything to ramble about, let’s have a little chit chat in the comments shall we? 

M x 



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