For the like-minded tech nerds amongst us, this one is for you (and also me). I love learning, talking and using apps on my phone so I thought I’d share a little insider knowledge of what I’ve found out about two different types of apps we all use, need and love. Let’s get techy shall we.

Enterprise Messaging Apps

Mobile app developers create a wide range of applications, from consumer apps to enterprise apps. No matter whether you are looking for a way to engage customers or you want to boost productivity levels, an app can help you achieve it. Below, is a little look into enterprise messaging apps. Enterprise apps? What are they? Let me tell you.

Messaging apps are becoming more and more popular for businesses, as they help them to boost collaboration within the firm, which in turns leads to increased productivity and, consequently, improved profits. While all businesses need to know the basics, like how to connect iMessage to Mac computers for employee communication, such app development services are well worth considering, as they provide employees with an effective platform for communicating freely and sharing content. It breaks down what is typically a segmented process.

But, what sort of features should your messaging app include? Every business has different needs, but there are several features that you should consider including. The first is telephony support. Most work stream messaging solutions will support real-time communications, with video calling or voice calling. While instant messenger will be used most often, businesses still need to have the option of video or voice calls. Aside from this, you will want to discuss integration with the mobile app development team you choose, as you may have other applications that you wish to integrate with the messaging app.

Other critical factors include encryption and security measures, as well as discoverability. With regards to the latter, this means retrieving information at a later date with ease. After all, it is likely that your employees will need to find former messages and documents, and the last thing they want to do is scroll through endless conversations.

Entertainment Apps

Android app development services cover many different apps from those for productivity to e-commerce apps. In this section, we are going to take a little look at entertainment apps. You only need to look at the likes of Netflix and Spotify to see the success of these kind of apps.

However, you do need to choose mobile app developers with care if you are to experience results. Entertainment apps need to be just that – entertaining. So, there are numerous things you need to look out for when choosing app developers for your new app.

First, you need to take a look at some of the apps they have created so far. Users will abandon leisure apps if they are frustrating and difficult to use, so you are looking for evidence that the development firm can provide straightforward and seamless apps. You need to choose a company that has significant experience in gamification. This will give them a unique insight into design techniques that work for entertainment apps.

Aside from this, look for a firm that is experienced in UX design, building an interface that is based on agile development methodologies, beta testing and prototyping, so that there is no guesswork. You also want a company that will analyse user behaviour so they can determine if your users are entertained or not, and if any changes need to be made.

Thinking about apps in more detail now? I sure am. How cool would it be to make one for yourself!

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