As a young girl growing up all I used to think about was my wedding day. What I envisioned back then is way different to what I want now, but those princess dreams are still kinda cute.

Many of us have those about what you want from your wedding day. After all, there aren’t too many days in life that are all about us; your wedding day is most definitely one of them. However, it’s also true that you can’t solely think about what you and your partner want. For me, it’s about what everyone will want. If you’re going to ask people to spend time, energy, and money to be there on your big day, then you’ve got to make it worth their while. So what exactly are wedding guests looking for when they attend a wedding? These are my little thoughts.


Your guests will be thrilled to be invited to your wedding, but they’ll have some reservations about joining you if the plans are overly complex, or there’s limited information. This is especially true if you have an overseas wedding. People may be willing to travel to, say, the South of Spain, for your wedding because it’s affordable and easy to reach. They’ll be less thrilled if you’re getting married in some remote part of the Caribbean. Whether it’s in the UK or overseas, make sure it’s easy for them to get there.

Time to Mingle

Now, anyone’s who organised a wedding knows that it’s necessary to run a pretty tight ship. There are a lot of things that have to happen! However, it’s important that it doesn’t feel like there’s always something happening. Your guests don’t want to be shepherded from one place to the next all day. They want to chat with the other guests, and relax. Make sure you’re setting aside some time early in the day for people to chill and talk.

Delicious Food

There are a few things that really stand out at weddings, and the food is most definitely one of them. People get super excited about what food will be served at a wedding! As such, it’s important that you’re taking more time than you meet expect to find the right caterer for your big event. It’s also recommended that you pay attention to any dietary requests that people have. All too often, vegetarian and vegan options often feel like they’re an afterthought, rather than a priority. Those meat-free friends of yours have made just as much effort to be there as your other friends.

A Fun Party

People can talk about the magic of the ceremony and so on, but really, it’s the party that stands out. Your guests want to have an awesome night of dancing with friends, old and new. So make sure you’re providing the entertainment. To get everyone into the party frame of mind, look at hiring a wedding band. After they’ve finished, hand the party duties over to an experienced DJ who knows how to keep people on the dance floor all night long.

An Amazing Atmosphere

Wedding guests are way less stressed than you are, so don’t worry if they’re having a good time — they will be! If there’s an awesome and loving atmosphere, then it’ll be a great day.

What are your wedding ideas?

M x



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