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Over the past two years I’ve seen a huge change in the beauty industry, with skincare booming more than ever. For me it used to all be about makeup to perfect my skin, what the best products were for coverage and long-lasting effects. However now, thats all changed. Long gone are the days where my sole focus was makeup.

I found finding skincare products that actually benefit my skin for the long run was way more effective than daily makeup products, that were at the time making my skin worse. I never used to have a strict/regular skincare routine, but since having one, seeing results and sticking to it, my sole focus is skincare. The more confident I am with my skin, the more confident I have become within myself. 

I’m not saying skincare products can change your life, give you all the confidence or be a replacement for the love of makeup, but its important to see and know how important it can be for you. My skincare secret isn’t necessarily a private nor an individual thing I’d kept to myself, hence why I’m here writing this post. 

My secret is pretty much using and finding whats best for you, your skin and its needs. There is no formula to finding what brand, type of product or routine will work for you. My skincare tips come from my own lessons, online recommendations and reviews. It’s all trial and error and finding a place that can source skincare products for all of your needs is ideal. 


One tip and part of my daily routine I share with everyone is to splash your face with cold water first thing. Not only does it wake you up, it freshens your face and tightens your pores. It’s a tip I took from my nan and one I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember.

Cosmetify is an online beauty destination for skincare, makeup and hair care lovers like myself to find products suited to them. With over 170,000 different products from global to independent brands, it is an online search engine to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Their BeautyHub shares tips, recommendations and reviews from all areas of beauty. It will help you with what’s trending, popular and recommended to suit you. 

My favourite thing about their skincare secrets campaign is getting people together to discuss their skins needs and what they find helps. It helps you discover brands and products you may have never thought or heard of before. My skin is quite clear (when it wants to play nice) with the occasional breakout, but the thing I do suffer with is oiliness. So I took it upon myself to find out products that I can use every morning – as that’s when I do my full routine – that will keep the oiliness at bay. It’s difficult to find a vast selection of tips and products in one place, but I did so by reading into the products that Cosmetify offer and also by reading more of their BeautyHub articles.

Taking your time to find a skincare routine best suited to you is not easy, so with it all in one place on Cosmetify, it eliminates all the stress of finding your own skincare secrets. 

What are your skincare secrets?



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