Have you been feeling down lately? Is it frustrating you as you cannot quite put your finger on what the matter is, you just feel out of sorts? This happens to all of us from time to time, do not worry. The key is in recognising that you are not your normal self and then setting about doing something about it. Do not dwell on it, fix it! If you are not sure quite how to go about this, then we have a few suggestions for you today as we share 7 ways to a happier you. 

Look after your body

It can be very easy to give up on your normal exercise routines and healthy eating habits when you are feeling low. The temptation can be to hibernate and eat junk food, but at best, this will make you feel good for an hour or two. If you are looking for a longer term fix, then you need to take care to look after your body. 

Prioritise eating well with a good balance of protein and fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water every day. Cut down on sugary snacks where possible and reduce your alcohol and nicotine intake. If you are struggling with the latter, you could try something like the Quickmist Spray to help you to beat those cravings. 

Ensure that you are active and exercise regularly. If you are finding it hard to stick to doing this several times a week, then maybe it is time to find a new form of exercise. You need to find something that you enjoy doing rather than doing something for the sake of it. Perhaps you could take up a new sport with a friend, try out a new fitness class or resolve to walk more often. 

Get enough sleep

Sleep is so very underrated as it makes a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves each day. When we are running on very little sleep we are likely to feel more emotional, we are likely to pick up more illnesses and we are likely to struggle to concentrate. As such, it makes sense that if we make getting enough sleep a priority, we will feel happier.

Make the effort to get a few early nights in if you know that you have been feeling tired lately. Just half an hour early each evening will make an impact. 

Going forwards, make it a habit to treat yourself to an early night every week and you will be looking forward to this little treat every week before you know it. 

Spend time in the great outdoors 

Getting outdoors is great for our health. There are so many benefits, from boosting your immune system, to absorbing natural sunlight, to increasing your energy levels. 

It can be harder to do this as the colder months roll in, but we probably need to get outdoors now more than ever. The darker colder days can leave us wanting to stay cosy indoors, but the fresh air will help our immune systems to fight off winter germs and it will give us a lift even on the coldest of days. Just ensure that you wrap up warm and wear waterproof footwear and you are all set to enjoy it. 

Accept it and move on 

When bad things happen, it can be very easy to hold onto them. We are talking about life’s daily niggles, the little things that can happen that put us out of sorts. A flat tyre, a poorly child, a cancelled train or a broken appliance. Things like this, particularly if you are hit with a few of them in a row, can leave us feeling frustrated and down.

The very best thing that you can do in these situations is to accept it and move on. Dwelling on how unfair or annoying these things are does not make them go away, but moving on from them ensures that we do not hold onto those feelings. 

Pamper yourself

We are all so busy which makes it really hard to make any time to pamper ourselves. However, we would suggest that you do eke out a little time to do this, as relaxing and indulging yourself from time to time can give you a wonderful boost. 

It might just be a long hot shower, using your favourite body scrub or using an eye mask once in a while. It need not take up lots of time, but little treats like this can give you a lift and are fun to do once in a while.

Do not compare 

Comparing yourself, your work, your family, your life to others is usually a recipe for disaster, so we suggest that you do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself. 

We live in a world where social media constantly tells us all about everyone else. At least that is how it appears, but what it actually tells us is all that everyone else wants to share. They have bad days too but they are unlikely to pop onto Facebook to tell their friends about their latest disaster as they are too busy dealing with it! Nobody has a picture perfect life, everyone has those days.

You need to remember that there will ALWAYS be someone having a better day than you, with more money than you, going on a better holiday than you and having a better run of luck than you. Whatever they have going on in their lives has zero impact on what you have going on in yours, unless you allow it to by getting upset by it. 

Spend time with loved ones 

There is little in life that will make you feel happier than spending time surrounded by your loved ones. These are the people that love you, that care about you and know you best. These are the people that you can rant with, cry with and most importantly laugh with. 

Stop what you are doing, put down your phone, ignore those chores and spend some quality time with your family. Cuddle up with your children, call your best friend or pop round to see your parents. 

Sometimes all that we need is half an hour in good company and we are smiling once more. 



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