We all know the feeling of hitting a virtual brick wall at any point in life. Whether you’re struggling in your career or your love life, there’s a moment of sudden realisation when it hits you: you need a fresh start to kick things back into shape. However, making your dream of a fresh start come true is not as straightforward as it seems. Did you know that most people are unsure about a new beginning? Indeed, life teaches us to persevere and find a way around the obstacles that stop us from moving forward. When it comes to starting again – whether it’s the exact same thing you’ve always done or something completely different –, you don’t know how to proceed. Don’t blame yourself, though. The truth is that we don’t know how to organise a fresh start, and that’s precisely why we sometimes get things wrong. 

You’re not dealing with loose ends

Depending on your temperament, you might be tempted to run away when things take a turn for the worse. Not everybody feels confident in a conflicted situation. However, you need to tidy up loose ends if you want to make a new start. Whether you need to get in touch with family law solicitors to sort out things with your former partner or whether you need to arrange for a professional reference before quitting your job, managing loose ends ensures a clear cut. You can’t build something new if you are still struggling with the mistakes of the past.

You surround yourself with distractions

You might think you’re ready to tackle the excitement of a new start, but you need to approach the challenge with a clear mind. A clear mind is your best ally to navigate the discomfort and disorder in which life has thrown you. As such, your environment plays a huge role in your success. As silly as it might sound, keeping a tidy home can help you channel positive energy. Indeed, a cluttered interior is likely to slow down your thoughts and affect your mental state, making it more difficult to build something beneficial. Declutter your life if you’re going to move forward.

You sabotage your chances 

There is no biggest obstacle than self-sabotage. Unfortunately, the barriers you create for yourself are the most difficult to avoid. Ultimately, self-destructive behaviours can become habits. Failing to recognise what you do to undermine your success can have severe consequences. For instance, perfectionism can force you to remain passive for fear of not getting things completely right. As a result, you postpone your fresh start. Understanding your feelings and how they affect your decisions and behaviours can stop self-sabotage in its tracks.

You’re scared of trying something new 

Last but not least, a fresh start focuses on changing your routine. Whether you decide to transform your environment or to approach new challenges, a fresh start gets you out of your comfort zone in the pursuit of happiness. The question is not whether you’re ready to try out something completely new, but whether you can handle the stress of new and unknown experiences. Fear of the unknown can hold back your chances of success and happiness.

We all dream of a “start again” button in life. Unfortunately, you can’t go back on previous mistakes and decisions to change the outcome. However, what you can do is make a new start – professionally or emotionally. Learning to manage the obstacles you create for yourself is an essential skill to move forward. 



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