If money saving semi-expert was a talented skill, I’d love to pursue it. I get great satisfaction from finding and sharing deals that save us a lot of time, money and stress. 

One of the greatest feelings is saving money on monthly bills. I’m sure we can all agree. They can be a financial burden but have to be paid if you want the service. One of the many monthly expenses out there that comes with a big smack in the face is your phone bill. But, it doesn’t have to be a big or even small smack in the face. 

Comparing the best monthly phone plan has its difficulties, especially when there are so many options, brands and places to look. We’ve all been there. Spending hours and pointless conversations trying to find a phone deal that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket every month. 

3 years ago I chose to go for a SIM only phone contract. Nobody I knew had one and I questioned whether I was making the right choice even though I calculated the costs in the long run and the SIM only deal was saving me a lot of money. I’m talking half of the price. 

Let me break it down. 

For the 24 month phone contract (including the device and unlimited monthly calls, texts and data) I was offered £55 a month. Over the 24 months that would cost £1,320. On top of that the upfront cost was £99 for the phone, which I’d had to trade back in for a new one once the 24 months was up. Either that, or I’d need to pay extra. This total for the contract deal was £1,419. 

Also, the price of phone contracts dramatically increase a lot over a 2 year period as I’m sure you know. So when the new phone was due, I’m sure the 24 month overall cost would be even more than before. 

I wasn’t convinced so I asked for more options. 

Instead, I was offered an alternative to pay for the entire cost of the phone upfront (I found the cheapest offer of the phone I wanted for £699) and a SIM only deal with the same unlimited everything offer, for £18 a month. The total for this deal for the 24 months totals £1,131. Not only would I not have to pay an upfront cost for the phone as I was paying in full, the phone would be mine. Doing this saved £288.

Not only does it save you money in the 24 month period, you can also have the phone and SIM only deal for as many months, even years, as you wish. 3 years later I have the same device and same SIM only deal. Plus, I only have to worry about paying out £18 a month instead of £55 and the SIM only price will never increase. 

A SIM only deal saves you money and a lot of hassle. Why hassle? Because you can change the device as and when you please and aren’t tied down to a contract. 

Fancy finding yourself a SIM only deal? By using a reputable online broadband comparison site you can discover  some amazing offers just like this. 

Saving money is something we all appreciate, I certainly do. Although monthly expenses are necessary, they sure are not fun so saving yourself money for other expenses (or even little luxuries) is always a win.